Sunday, July 21, 2013

Scandalous Past of Msgr. Ricca is Confirmed

Edit: not long ago the usual professionals in various media were attacking Michael Voris for reporting the suggestion by a defrocked priest that there was an underground of deviants. Lots of crickets in that direction now, although Vatican Spokesman Father Lombardi has denied everything, there is independent confirmation that Sandro Magister's bombshell of recent days is true.

Vatican (Catholic news). Last night reported about an embarrassing incident. The history is as controversial as embarrassing, so many Vaticanistas do not quite know how to deal with it. It is about the past, the director of the Vatican's guest house, Monsignor Battista Ricca, Pope Francis has appointed him as his personal confidant to the house prelates of the Vatican Bank with full powers. The Vatican expert Sandro Magister revealed Riccas' aberrosexual past. Magister did the handle the Holy Father carefully beforehand with great restraint and respect to the information available to him. Thus, Msgr Ricca had earlier engaged in a relationship with a captain in the Swiss Guard. The Secretary-General of the Uruguayan Episcopal Conference has now confirmed the revelations of Vaticanista Sandro Magister. Riccas' way of life during his time in Montevideo was a "scandal". Even if the aberro-relationship was a few years ago, it would be unclear whether this reversal is also categorically joined by his homosexual lifestyle. When it was announced in June that the Vatican had a "gay lobby", the Holy Father said that he would see what "can be done." The almost simultaneous appointment of Ricca is therefore a mystery for many. The question remains open whether Pope Francis is a aware of a radical reversal of Ricca, which would be gratifying to believe, or whether the pontiff was linked by the gay lobby. Link to Kathnews...


  1. Perhaps this kind of thing is what caused Pope Benedict XVI to resign. I don't believe it was health issues, because he appears alright today. He could still be giving us his outstanding leadership and scholarship. Instead, he abdicated his responsibility and post to a man who is no scholar, but rather more of a radical liberal. Pope Francis in almost 5 months has done much to degrade and commonize the Papacy almost into a laughing stock office. He has no respect for the majesty of his office, or for the tradition and heritage of the Catholic Faith. His is a "make it up as we go along" Papacy and Church.
    I have never heard this Pope speak out on the evils of pre-marital sex, abortion, or homosexuality.
    Therefore, I would not be surprised if Pope Francis not only knew of this pervert Monsignor Ricca's past, but was willing to ignore it and promote him anyway. Don't be surprised if more comes out . After all, Pope John Paul II appointed nearly all the homosexuals and deviants in the Vatican and as Bishops around the world.
    Don't be surprised if the Ricca affair is only the tip of the iceberg, that more and deeper scandals of the same kind come out...and that perhaps, Pope Francis will be forced to resign.
    Don't be surprised. More is coming.
    Michael Voris and Sandro Magister are right.

    1. Let's step back for a second.
      JP2 appointed liberals and gays as bishops and cardinals. He did nothing to stop the sex scandals gay or otherwise.
      Enter Benedict XVI - he makes an attempt and it is revealed that he tried to clean things up behind the scenes for years before his election.
      He is chastised by the media and ignored by the church leaders. Becomes so discouraged he resigns.
      The gay-liberal-lobby in the Church is now enthusiastic at their success and have elected themselves a Pope who not only doesn't care about sexual sins but talks and talks about the poor as if making everyone bourgeois is akin to the salvation of souls.
      A solution seems impossible.... Our Lord has to intervene and soon...

    2. You are an idiot.

  2. A shocking revelation. What more is required of the proof of Fatima secret that the upper Hierarchy in Rome itself will loose their faith. God watches everything patiently that their is no other antidote than the Pope consecrates Russia urgently to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and save the world from damnation.
    Will he act soon? What are our Bishops across the world waiting for ignoring their duty to save the souls and save the world from damnation.
    Mary,Our Blessed Mother have mercy on us.

    1. Russia already was consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Communism there and across Eastern Europe fell 24 years ago. The Orthodox Church in Russia is restored and flourishing...there are a new generation of Bishops, monks, priests and holy Patriarchs there restoring belief in God and in the Virgin to a land once referred to as "Holy Russia". There is even a strong political movement particularly among the young for a return of the monarchy under the Czar.
      What we have to worry about is the destruction of the Roman Catholic Faith and its heritage and traditions...a heritage and tradition now actively being trashed by the present Pope and his clique of radicals.
      For deliverance from that is what we should pray for.

    2. ROFL Put that crack pipe down, Anonymous.

    3. Anonymous,
      There is virtually nothing left of the Russian Church to destroy, hence the relative peace on the Eastern front. 90% of the population claim to be Orthodox, yet they don't go to liturgy, don't understand what liturgy is or any church dogmas for that matter, there is no catechism. They believe having sex is part of being healthy, no matter one's marital state, abortion and contraception are standard practice. The Orthodox Church is an external shell, there is nothing inside, she was destroyed, and never consecrated to the Immaculate Heart as prescribed.

  3. Holy Russia. Holy Land. Holy See. ? ? ?

  4. "Holy Russia" was a term used mostly by the Czars and by the Russian Orthodox Church before 1917 Communist Revolution in reference to Russia itself as a place and a belief. The term was meant to exemplify the deep faith of the Russian people. With regards to their faith, they were in some ways like the traditions of Islam in that they believed that theirs was the pure and true Faith, and would die for it. They also would not engage in useless dialog with other religions, ecumenism, etc. Nor do they discard their beliefs to accommodate Protestants or others.

  5. I pray for Russia to return to a devotion of holiness/Holiness and for the Holy Land and The Church.
    Sometimes it looks like Russian Orthodoxy is ahead of the others. I'm very happy for Russia's in the Mission and very
    disappointed in the others

  6. And Msgr. Ricca managed the guest houses for priests.

  7. If Ricca's rumored resignation isn't accepted by the end of the week and he's defrocked (or excommunicated), we know what kind of Pope Francis is. Like we didn't already know!

  8. Hold your breath. Something might happen.

  9. Don't know what to think or believe. Do we have a church that follows Christ or a bunch of perverts?
    It does hurt our Christian dignity. The world looks at us as a flock without a Head.
    If we have to expect more of this kind of nonsense in our midst we better close shop and follow our own gut feelings on how to serve God. We don't need their directives or their preaching.

  10. First, it is unwise and imprudent to distrust and discredit the Pope at all, under any circumstance, least-wise so readily - because the Pope is almost always right. I think Francis is making strong moves to combat the infestation of spirits that always and everywhere attach themselves close to the Church. (How did Jesus appoint Judas to hold the purse?) Second, let us not forget that it was French ultra-orthodox elements associated with Archbishop Lefebvre that assassinated Pope John-Paul I, Cardinal Villot, the Secretary of State, dying 6 months later still under house arrest inside the Vatican. The present crisis of the gay abusive priesthood, and corrupt episcopate is perhaps the MOST SERIOUS crisis the Church has ever faced. That Cardinal Bergoglio was elected Pope so rapidly indicates that he is trust worthy. Maybe the next one won't be so trustworthy. "The Abomination of Desolation standing where it ought not" is not some empty fantasy. But for now, we've got a manifestly good man as our Papa, and we should follow his pastoral lead with out BAH-ing so much.

  11. Mortimer,
    I don't know where you got the idea that the SSPX or elements loyal to Archbishop Lefebvre assassinated John Paul I, or that the late Cardinal Villot was under house arrest in the Vatican...but that's not only false, but weird beyond belief! John Paul I had severe high blood pressure and CHF (congestive heart failure) for years and was being treated for it. A person with CHF always gets progressively worse, not better...and is always at risk for massive heart attacks or strokes. John Paul I had a massive heart attack and died in bed. Possibly he died in his sleep, which would have been a good thing actually because he would not have felt it.
    Cardinal Villot also had CHF as well and emphezema. He was a chain smoker for 40 years...and continued to do so even when he knew he was slowly dying. He died of pneumonia and heart failure brought on by his emphezema and the fact that he had continued smoking despite Drs. orders to stop.
    It is not imprudent to distrust or discredit this Pope, considering his past track record, and the things he has done since the night of his election. He has absolutely no interest in the Catholic liturgy, and does not care how it is celebrated. He has nothing but distain for Catholic heritage and tradition, nor even for Catholic Canon Law for he washed the feet of a Muslim on Holy Thursday which was in direct violation of Catholic tradition and Canon Law.
    I read this morning (July 23) that this Pope knew of Ricca's past activities and although disappointed, appointed him to the post anyway and most likely will not remove him. Shocking! A disgrace.
    If Ricca is not removed (despite Francis being at WYD in Brazil), it will be one more sign that this Pope is an extreme radical who departs for Catholic tradition and teaching and discipline and who should never have been elected.
    Let us pray that Ricca is removed. If he is not, it is a very bad signal as to the direction and mindset of this Papacy.

    Lastly, and no, recent Popes at least in many ways have not been always right. Look at the state of the Church to prove that point.

  12. Thanks for fielding that. I always understood that +Villot was himself a Liberal.

    Ricci's significance depends on how important his post at Vatican Bank is. Considering the scandals surrounding the bank, it doesn't bode well, but who can say at this point.

    1. Tancred,
      No problem! It was a bizarre claim, so I had to respond! Cardinal Villot was an extreme liberal. He was put in place by Paul VI who was of similar mindset, but cautious enough not to give into it.

      Now they are saying in the news that this Ricca scandal is indeed only the tip of the iceberg, and they are already calling Pope Francis and his papacy a failure and labeling Francis a "lame duck Pope".
      I remember Benedict XVI when he resigned saying that he didn't have the strength to continue. That may have been true....but he never said he was sick. Other people fabricated that idea. I think he knew what was coming, and couldn't handle it. I think he had hoped for a very strong , traditional Pope to clean house.
      What happened is that the liberal hijacked the conclave, and elected one of their own....Francis. Who by actions and now by deed (apparently keeping Ricca anyway -the latest of his shocking decisions) is intent on throwing out what it meant to be Pope (and perhaps what in means to be Catholic).
      This is only going to get worse...and I don't think Francis will be in office long (perhaps he'll do what Benedict XVI did).
      Take a good look at him from pix in Brazil. He's lost a lot of weight...especially in the face. Not a good sign.

  13. The homos in the Vatican are not only deviant they are deviant evil. Seems to me One who would cross them needs to think twice.

  14. This is true. The deviants in the Vatican are supremely evil. It all began under Paul VI (and there were rumors, and still are rumors that he himself was a homosexual). But now a brave group of priests in Rome are actually naming names as to who the ringleaders are of this group in the Vatican....Cardinals Sodano, Re, and Archbishop Piero Marini. Marini even came out a month or two ago in favor of gay unions.
    But who put all these people in place?? None other than a man dead only eight years soon to be canonized a saint.
    I won't say any more, but that in itself is strange.

  15. In this Pope's admission to a small group that a "Gay" Lobby
    in the Vatican exists he also characterizes the Curia or some therein as the Pope's "bosses". I think he didn't specifically say the Curia but he was referring to it I'm sure and possibly to others too. I guess almost everyone can
    be blackmailed with truths or with lies. When there are no incriminating truths insinuations and lies will do.

  16. Also the spoke of Hollywood, where Hollywood writers seemed to put a gay person on every single sit-com and at least one scene or character in every single movie - stating that wasn't right because there just are not that many gay citizens in our country by proportion. Then they spoke of the ""gay agenda" in our politics in Washington DC, in our entertainment manufacturing, at our college campuses, and claiming that the GLBT crowd was preying on adolescents who are going through their own hormonal awakenings, thus, in a way brainwashing them as they are confused about the changes in their own bodies.

  17. Consider your heresies before spouting them. Your disloyalty to the Pontiff is plain and frankly alarming. If in conscience you prefer leave the Church, by all means go ahead, but do not pretend to be "Catholic" while stabbing the back of the Holy See. The "scandal" here is yours and from your own lips.