Thursday, July 4, 2013

French Mayor Refuses the "Farce of Gay Marriage" -- He is Threatened With 5 Years of Prison

(Paris), Jean-Michel Colo is the mayor of the French town Arcangues. He announced his decision that he would not perform the "gay marriage" legalized by the government of President Francois Hollande in his community, "because it is a farce," said Colo.The law "is not for but against something, it gives an inadequate and absurd privilege for a tiny minority, but it attacks the family, for whose protection the marriage exists," said Colo.
"I'm not  giving any lessons and call on no other mayor does to follow my example. But I will not perform an illegal act," said the mayor of the municipality of Aquitaine.
"My seven council members agree completely agree with me that in this fare, we  'do not participate in this, and we thank the thousands of support and congratulatory messages we have received for our decision." Jean-Michel Colo. since 1983 mayor of the 3,100 -inhabitant village near the southwestern French town of Bayonne, near the Atlantic coast and the border with Spain.
The law imposed by the Socialists law provides severe penalties for non-compliance. Whomever as a public official denies or impedes the implementation of the law faces five years in prison, up to a 75,000 euro penalty and the immediate removal from office.
In April, just before the adoption of the "gay marriage" legalization by the French Parliament, Franck Meyer, spokesman for the platform Mayors Pour l'Enfance (Mayors for  Childhood) had stated that approximately 15,000 mayors of France will refuse "to conduct  marriage between two persons of the same sex."  Hollande, the Socialist government then declared that there is "no freedom of conscience" in the matter related to civil servants and public officials.
Interior Minister Manuel Valls has already threatened  Mayor Colo  with the statement that the laws are to be applied and any breach of this duty would be punished with the rigor of the law.
Two homosexuals who've recently deliberately  intended to file for "marriage" in Arcangues, have filed charges against Mayor Colo with the Bayonne Prosecutor's Office..
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
picture: Religion en Libertad
Trans: Tancred

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  1. One of the leading reasons for this seeming avalanche of seeming homosexuality is the real
    avalanche of pornography. It has caused a widespread addiction to perversity. One kind of perversity begets another kind.

  2. He's what you call a stand up guy. Standing up to guys who
    like bending over.

  3. Good for France! They have been in the forefront to fight this lie as well they should be since these are the fruits of the Revolution that started on their soil. Time to put this monster back in the box and the queers back in the closet. Who let them out anyway?

    Viva la Catholic France!

  4. Regards from Poland.

  5. Mayor Colo has nothing to fear from Hollande and his lackeys. If only a half of those 15,000 mayors carry out their resolve to ban IB (institutional buggery), the French just won't have enough jail cells to hold them all. It's an idle threat from the Elyseé Palace that can be safely ignored.

  6. Watching the people of France, the Eldest Daughter of the Church, standing up for the Faith this past year has been awesome and inspiring. We should be doing larger marches against gay marriage here in the USA as they have been in France.

    Wouldn't it also be awesome if this movement starts a wide spread renewel of the Catholic Faith in France that spreads to bring all of Europe back to the Church.

    St. Louis Pray for us!!
    St. Joan of Arc Pray for us!!

    1. I continue to hope and pray that France would once again take up the mantle as "Elder Daughter of the Church", but alas, as they say, it ain't lookin' too good. However, you do have some very awesome saints on your side, and perhaps France, and pray God the U.S.A., will wake up before it's too late. At present, on the bright side, the concept of "Holy Russia" seems to be moving forward. Perhaps that nation will more fully realize it's mission as "Holy Russia".

  7. We must be in the Apocalypse. Maranatha