Saturday, June 15, 2013

Modernist Monk Inflamed About His Clique Being Called out by Cincinnati Vocations Director

What a Wonderful Day for an Auto de Fe
Edit: flamers gonna flame...   Father Anthony Ruff is having a clerical tizzy meltdown over a spade being called a spade at his Pray, Tell blog.   He complains about a priest who is the Vocations Director for the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, Father Martin Fox, who writes in Bonfire of the Vanities about a gathering of dissident Warlock Priests in Oregon, the Association of Catholic [sic] Priests.

What this is is a case of a "Catholic" priest complaining about a Catholic point of view described by the  good Vocations Director, and of course, the unstated and growing paranoia on the part of Father Ruff, that his cohorts of Liberalism and relativism are thinning and dying away.

 Father Ruff himself is an Old Liberal dissident of dubious orthodoxy who works at the Modernist Monastery, a hotbed of Old Liberal dissent and Gomorrist syncretism, if not manifest heresy, who has recently taken another priest to task for his tone.   Father Ruff can disparage the hierarchy, but when various organizations associated with the aging lavender clerocracy in the United States are justifiably attacked, he's beside himself and wants something to be done about the Vocations Director of the Cincinnati Archdiocese.

No one held Ruff responsible for attacking Pope Benedict's agenda for the translation of the New Mass that we know of, and no one holds Ruff or his superiors responsible for undermining the Catholic Faith, either.  So why should Father Fox be held responsible for doing what is right and doing nothing other than stating an obvious truth that this post-Vatican II crew is dying out?

Here's a sample of Ruff's simpering:

Fr. Martin Fox, writing in his personal blog, Bonfire of the Vanities, has issued a broadside against the Association of Catholic Priests and their upcoming meeting in Seattle, calling it the “Sad-funny-ironic swan-song of the ‘Spirit of Vatican 2′ crowd.”

Calling their agenda “pointless,” his dismissive remarks about the group, which has 950 members, highlight not only the generational differences between age cohorts in the American Catholic priesthood, but also the increasingly acerbic and derogatory tone that younger priests feel free to take in public when speaking about their elder brothers.[Ruff misrepresents Fox on several occasions throughout this blog entry and in the subsequent hilarity of the ensuing comments. That's not particularly brotherly.]

In fact, it would be hard to tell from Fr. Fox’s remarks that he regards older priests as brothers at all, much less valued older colleagues in ministry. They are described more as if they are either enemies or a pathetic nuisance to be gotten out of the way. Younger priests such as Fr. Fox, confident that they hold the whip hand, now seem ready to snap it — on other priests.

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One positive thing with this is that it shows that higher ranking clergy, including Bishops, are finally calling out the bad fruit.  If there is a gap in the "former bastion of priestly solidarity" it's only because there are too many priests who are disobedient, heterodox and frankly evil, promoting pernicious doctrines under the guise of the Catholic Church, with relative impunity I might add.


  1. For the record, Fr. Fox isn't the vocations director here. That would be Fr. Kyle Schnippel...Fr. Fox is the "Director of the Office For Priestly Formation"...I believe he deals with the already ordained...

  2. But Fr. Ruff didn't write this post - Rita Ferrone did!

  3. Yes! Finally someone writes about cpm.