Monday, June 17, 2013

Croatia: 750,000 Signatures Against "Homosexual Partnerships" -- With National Referendum Against Government Proposal

(Zagreb) The Citizens Committee On behalf of the family has gathered in Croatia nearly 750,000 signatures against the legalization of "gay marriage". The signatures were presented to President Josip Leko in the the Croatian Parliament on Friday in Zagreb, such as CBA reported. The committee wants to enshrine marriage as a community of life between a man and a woman in the Constitution, as is already the case in the constitutions of Hungary and Poland. A nationwide referendum is sought.

The Citizens Committee On Behalf of the Family wants to prevent the announcement of the left-led government introduction of same-sex registered partnerships. For a binding referendum about 400,000 signatures of citizens eligible to vote is needed. The Citizens Committee for the Protection of Marriage and the Family was able to collect almost twice that number of signatures.

Representatives of the Communist Party which is now called the SDP,to which belong both the Prime Minister Milanovic and Parliament Speaker Leko, appeared anxious. SDP representatives expressed "doubts" whether a referendum on this issue was ever allowed. In 2012 the limited privileges afforded to aberrosexuals by a Left parliamentary majority, were rejected by a referendum of the Slovene people. The Citizens Committee On Behalf of the Family in Croatia, which has been governed since 2011 by a Left-dominated coalition, has the same aims.

The 1527-1918 Austrian Croatia which was part of Austria from 1527-1918, became a full member state of the European Union on the 1st of July as 28th full member.

picture: Citizens Committee on Behalf of the Family

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Compare this level of resistance to an alien agenda to the way it passed in Minnesota.  Stella Borealis points out that the efforts of a popular referendum against were outspend by 2:1.  He writes:

Autumn Leva of Minnesota for Marriage said her group raised $200,000, and had three registered lobbyists compared to 14 on the side advocating same-sex marriage. Minnesotans United For All Families, the group that supported same-sex marriage, has previously said it spent more than $2 million in a successful lobbying campaign that featured phone banks, television commercials and personal appeals to lawmakers.

Just some thoughts. The Archdiocese spent money and probably some/all of the other five dioceses spent money, too.

The National Organization for Marriage in California also spent money. And some of the Proposition 8 staffers in California were made available (by phone?) to Minnesota For Marriage.

And when MN Unived say they spent "more than $2 million", I would like to know HOW MUCH MORE than $2 million. And from whom did they get it?

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  1. Won't make a lick of difference. Just like it didn't make a difference in France. Not if every man, woman and child protested, signed and screamed NO! to legalized sexual deviancy.

    Pray for your diktators.

    1. Umm, how about righteous rebellion? you know, 'teach my sword to fight' and 'I hate thy enemies with a perfect hatred'?

      God does not respect a coward, or someone who will not fight.
      - Fr. John+

  2. I agree with you both. The EU and the US are the now
    evil empires. The EU by unfortunate law has the right to dictate to its member states. The US has the power to interfere with everyone.