Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Corpus Christi in Norway: "Never is Man so Great as When He Kneels Before God"

(Oslo) Accion Liturgica has published images of the Corpus Christi procession in Bergen, Norway, which was attended by over a thousand Catholics. Attention was given to the fact that almost all participants knelt before the Blessed Sacrament. "An exemplary attitude, as it is virtually impossible to encounter in Catholic Spain," said the page. The knee laziness of Catholics is not only found in Spain and is representing one of the key indicators of a general relaxation of the life of faith. This is not altered by the fact that among the Catholics of Norway, of which 80 percent is Lutheran, of a land in which Catholics are only two percent of the population, and immigrants from Poland or Latin America.

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  1. Seeing these things lifts us up. That is what True Catholic Faith does. It is what The Sacred
    given to the Holy Catholic Apostolic Church does.

  2. Were they all from one parish?

    1. Yes, there is only one parish in Bergen.

  3. I second what Anon@2:23 said. Friend Tancred, when you post things like this you lift us from the depths of despair to the heights of hopefulness.

    My sincerest thanks.

  4. I second Aged parent.

  5. Well the Spaniards will at least stand till the Priest will place the Blessed Sacrament back in the Tabernacle a nice practice nonetheless.

  6. We are grateful for every good and right thing in the name
    of Our Lord + .

  7. "Never is man so great as when he kneels before God".
    To one who loves God, these words will cause one to exult.

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