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Greens Under Fire in Germany for Working to Legalize Sex with Children During the Eighties

Edit: We first reported on this back in 2010 when we got hold of's story. It's interesting that this report is being covered by Germany's Nazi-founded Spiegel with such frankness. It's also interesting how they can report this in isolation from the usual accusations against the Catholic Church, which to date, has never officially sought legalizing sex between adults and children. They do what they can to show the Green Party's attempt to disassociate themselves from pederasts seeking the legalization of sex between adults and children. Another perverted influence on German society, Volker Beck, who has also campaigned for sex with children in the past, has also attempted to disassociated himself from earlier positions he has taken, even to the point of denying them. It's also interesting that a party

It will be interesting to see if Spiegel gets this into English.

Pedophiles had greater influence with the Greens than previously known. In the early years of the party a working group, according to SPIEGEL information, was open to legalizing sex with children. It was not only tolerated but financed by the Federal and Parliamentary Group.

The Greens gone significantly into the defensive on the debate about the influence of pedophiles in the early years of the party. According to information obtained by SPIEGEL, the Greens have were more widely involved in the eighties on behalf of the interests of pedophiles than is previously known. Thus, the "Federal Association of Gays, Transsexuals and Pederasts" (BAG SchwuP) that openly voiced support to legalize sex with children, was funded directly by the federal party (Bundespartei) and the parliamentary group (Bundesfraktion). This is according to research by SPIEGEL directly from documents of the Green Party archive.

In addition, BAG SchwuP was assigned to the working group on "Law and Society" of the Bundestag in 1984 and thus had influence on public opinion of the group. In newsletters of BAG SchwuP which also went to the party headquarters, scantily clad boys or drawings of naked boys with angel wings were partially displayed.

"The Greens were the only federal political hope for pedophiles," said Kurt Hartmann, a former member of the BAG SchwuP, to SPIEGEL. "They are the only party who has put their necks out for sexual minorities in the long term." In 1983 in the gay scene magazine "Torso" there was an ad for the Greens, who voiced support to legalize sex with children, unless there is violence in the game and there is no abuse of a relationship of subordination.

"That was the Greens mainstream"

The Green Party Executive Committee will decide on this Monday that independent researchers are to reappraise the influence of pedophiles on the party in the eighties. However, Green Party leader Cem Özdemir stressed to SPIEGEL that pedophiles have hardly influenced the will of the party. "The protection of children from sexual abuse was and is our main concern," he said. "It is not acceptable, though some are now trying to re-interpret a seemingly lax attitude of the Greens against the sexual abuse of children, the positions of individual groups in the past." The debate was kindled in Europe earlier by expressions of Green politician Daniel Cohn-Bendit's intimacies with children. He had already called his comments an "unacceptable provocation" in mid-April, and wished that it "would not have been written".

Cohn-Bendit, challenged the view that legalizing sex with children, with the Greens in the eighties was a minority position. "You only have to look at the proposals for legalization for sex with adults," said Cohn-Bendit SPIEGEL. "That was the Green Party mainstream."

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  1. It is a sick society. Germany's Speech Laws cover offending (R)ace sensibilities but not the sensibilities of the Human Race and God who created us.