Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Dance Flash Mob in Church

On the 25th of August 2012, the Diocese of Speyer organized a Mass server day in Kaiserslautern.

This provided the idea to hold a dance flashmob in the Church.

You can see here in the video, where the priest is fully vested and froclicking around in the sanctuary. (At 2:00 minutes a closeup)

A side note: The Priest that hops in the sanctuary in front of the other two clerics is Carsten Leinhäuser.

On his personal blog, he wrote to the SSPX in 2009:

"For days, I have a kind of" spiritual heartburn": As soon as I turn on the news, it made me mad! What I have read about the SSPX, that's just too much!".

"I also wonder where the ramifications of this is: If the SSPX is brought back into the boat of the Catholic Church, despite these stark thematic and theological contradictions - why can not the Protestant Brothers and Sisters." The "few" contradictions can be but also set aside somehow. And at least it is not alleged about me on their part, that I play with the devil when I celebrate the Eucharist."

"If the lifting of the excommunication was an act of love and grace - then why can't we not also be more generous with the divorced and remarried? THIS is a real problem that I continually encounter in ministry: Because there are people who have a profound spiritual life and suffer like dogs under the Communion ban."

Even more frightening his evaluation about the original, totally Catholic Sacrifice of the Mass shaped for well over a thousand years from tradition and confirmed by the Council of Trent:

"I personally have no problem with the Tridentine rite - even if I can do very little with it on the spiritual level."

Anyone who sees this video course will understand that the sacred worship of the atonement of Christ can not be brought into conformity with the ideas of Pastor Carsten.

In all these perversions and abuses of the liturgy, one must always ask: Do the Cardinals in Rome, the Pope, know what is happening in local churches?

The impression will not be lost that Rome lives in a kind of parallel world: on St. Peter's Square, thousands of people pay homage to the Pope with cheers at every large audience. Since you have come to the unavoidable impression: the Church crisis is not so bad.

For this reason regularly publishes photos that show what is repeated hundreds of times in all the parishes. This is the reality at the grassroots: Human-centered Pop-Masses and "Jesus is our brother" theology.

But this has nothing in common with a solemn papal office in St. Peter's, to which thousands of pilgrims to Rome come.

It is not a question that the altar should not be merry! Quite the contrary! Just ask yourself over and over again, what is it in every community in Germany has a practical parish hall? Parties yes, but please not in church! And certainly not in the pop-dance chasuble around the altar!

If you want to contact the Leinhäuser priest directly to question him on this "dance flash mob" in the Church: (Please write, as always, politely and clearly, despite the degrading of the Blessed Sacrament.)


Contact Tancred:


  1. This is just sickening! A total mockery of Our Lord, just as when He was on the Cross. The Jews crucified him out of ignorance, but what about when we crucify Him in our hearts with this total joke of a Mass? We must all do penance for this betrayal of Our Savior.

  2. What is wrong with Germany? What is wrong with Germans?

  3. Reparation prayers are a full time jobMay 30, 2013 at 4:55 AM

    Novus Ordoism is more loathesome than Protestantism.

    @Anonymous 12:13 AM I ask that very same question so many times. Having a few Germans in the family as well as being married to one, I can only say that their behavior is a result of the nature God gave them. They are obstinate and and have absolutely NO sense of the sacred. So while the rest of us have our own God-given natures to overcome, from my experience obstinacy and irreverence belongs to the Germans alone.

  4. I got about 45 seconds into the video and that was about it. Watching the so-called future of European culture - once the highest culture known to mankind - boogalooing to those repulsive Negro/shamanistic/pagan body movements was just sickening. If you watch any documentary videos of African witch cult practices you will see those identical gyrations of body, and of course you see it all the time in what passes for modern "music".

    Beyond belief.

  5. Germans live in a remade state fashioned and under domination of Jewish fascist thought and attempted thought suppression and control. Their frustration is expressed in various ways.
    So many of the ways are mindless or idiotic or perverse because these things are not shunned or against the law where as many types of intelligent expression of dissent are shunned or against the law.

  6. All we can do is love them and pray for them. They are essentially errant children who have no sense of logic or reason.