Wednesday, April 24, 2013

SSPX Addresses Bishop Williamson’s “Resistance"

We present here in 3 parts a public conference given by Fr. Daniel Themann on April 16 at St. Mary's, Kansas, which answers some questions from the so-called "Resistance" concerning the SSPX's recent discussions with Rome.
Fr. Themann carefully outlines necessary principles for properly understanding the situation while contrasting examples of Archbishop Lefebvre during his own talks with the Holy See, particularly of what led up to the "May Protocol".
CDs of the conference are available from:
Immaculata Bookstore  St. Mary's, KS


  1. Where are the other 2 parts? After listening sounds like this priest would make a great NO bishop who pleads prudential judgment when he orders communion be given to pro-aborts and removes priests who refuse to give communion to practicing lesbians.

    1. Not Anonymous 1:27April 24, 2013 at 1:30 PM

      LOL You don't deserve to listen to parts II and III. You are an idiot.

  2. After watching these videos, I support the Resistance even more. It seems that Fr. Pfeiffer was right in that they were ready to make a deal with Rome and he was wise to send out an alarm to the faithful. When I listened to Fr. Themann, I don't hear the fight of Archbishop Lefebvre, but I heard surrender to the still modernist, apostate Rome. When I listen to Bishop Williamson, Fr. Pfeiffer, Fr. Hewko and the other resistance priests, I still hear the voice of Archbishop Lefebvre. Deo Gratias for the Resistance!
    Why the Resistance? Watch this:

  3. You still haven’t shown how the document which Bishop Fellay was prepared to sign was the one Archbishop Lefebvre rejected.

  4. This priest dances well. Doesn't address what NO would get for re-admitting SSPX, but I think Benedict released the info when Fellay started to give info about a private understanding w/the Pope as his excuse when the agreement fell through, i.e. that Fellay HAD agreed to accept the 1969 mass. This is the same quid Rome has been using for years to get traditionals back into the flock and we all know where it has led for the traditionals.

    He did not go into the specifics of the agreement or how Fellay ignored the instructions from the society about not separating doctrinal from canonical status or how Fellay's agreement would have left the other three bishops out in the cold to work out their status separately w/Rome. It is basically just trust Fellay even though he seems to have been caught telling different stories to different people--funny though that to defend Fellay this priest even went so far as to poke fun at Lefebvre calling Rome the antiChrist & then negotiating w/them (inconsistent position). Too bad for SSPX that Fellay is no Lefebvre.

    I would be curious if there was any money offered to Rome as part of this deal, since it seems the Pope was desperate for funds.

    1. +Fellay went to Rome expecting a deal in which there would be no expectations of the SSPX except the kind of normal obedience you would expect from a Society in union with the Catholic Church. What they were shown instead was a document that completely ignored all of the advances made up until that point.

      it was a complete bait and switch. This is well documented and I’m surprised anyone who claims to be well informed would maintain that there was anything else afoot.

    2. Tancred, that was always my understanding, as well. I have not seen anything to indicate Fellay was prepared to make massive concessions, and he was as shocked as anyone when the bait and switch was pulled. Just like 1988 - a deal was worked out, then Cardinal Ratzinger, perhaps full of excessive glee, who knows, starts talking about introducing the Novus Ordo, concelebration, etc. So, Archbishop Lefebvre backed out.

      I pray this split doesn't happen, but it looks like its quite set in stone. I friend who has been affiliated with the Society for 20 years says this split was almost inevitable, it's been baked into the Society since the original consecrations in 1988. Different factions with different aims, etc., that even +Lefebvre had a very difficult time keeping in order.

      That's his opinion, it's really beyond me, but my sense from the resistance is that they have been looking for an excuse to break away. My friend knows many of these priests, and he's sad, but not going that route.

    3. It’s probably not an easy case to make what with all the disinformation going on with the usual suspects among professional Catholics, but the SSPX is the most obedient organization within the Catholic Church today.

  5. Everyone who doesn't agree w/Fellay is a sedevacantist. But person who asks question so how does SSPX justify w/disobeying Rome gets no response.

    1. There are all kinds of Societies outside of the orbit of the SSPX or even the Catholic Church, why not go there?

    2. The same reason you disobey your parents who have Lawful authority over you and God commands you to honor them when they tell you to rob a bank. And because "We ought to obey God, rather than men."

      But then you already know that, don't you Anonymous? Why sure you do you. Now go curl up into a fetal position in the corner over there before God strikes your backside with a lightning bolt for your calumny against a holy and faithful Prince of the Church.

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