Sunday, April 14, 2013

Kasper: “No Synodal Form of Church Leadership"

Edit: now that there’s been a change of management. Cardinal Kasper feels free reign to speak his mind.
“The world Church can’t be led in a Eurocentric way any more.” This is what the German Curial Cardinal Walter Kasper said in an interview with “Corriere della Sera”, that was published this Sunday. In a “globalized and complex world collegiality is the right direction”, said the former leader of Vatican Ecumenism. It is also important for the Pope, that he governs and has the last word. “But it is important that he has well informed advisors about him, who represent the entire world.” The Curia needs reform, “in order to become more efficient” [Less Catholic, he means.] That Pope Francis has chosen eight Cardinals to advice means “no synodal form of government as it is understood by the Orthodox”, specified Cardinal Kasper.

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Anonymous said...

The truth is Europe is a Socialist country. (EU). National identity gone, religious identity gone. The devastating War, the devastating result. One kind of Socialism lost. Another kind of Socialism won. By now it is deeply incultured. And has realized it's goal, spread throughout the world.

I am His sheep, not yours!!! said...

You old Liberal frauds can do what you want but I will NEVER FOLLOW YOU IN YOUR ERRORS! I am Catholic and I will REMAIN CATHOLIC. YOU ROGER THAT?!!

Anonymous said...

Prayers for the Faithful + Amen