Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Pope and Patriarch of Constantinople Will Travel Together to Jerusalem

Pope Francis has accepted the Orthodox Leader’s offer to make a common trip to Jerusalem, in addition  he will publicly visit the See of the Patriarchate in Constantinople.

Athens/Vatican City (  Pope Francis (76) and Bartholomew I (73) of Constantinople will make a common trip to Jerusalem. next year.  The Pope has accepted the corresponding proposal of the Greek Orthodox Head, reports the Greek news site "NewsIt" this Wednesday.  This trip will commemorate the historic meeting between Patriarch Athenagoras and Pope Paul VI. 50 years before.  Their meeting in Jerusalem lead to the lifting of the mutual excommunications, which had stood since the schism of 1054.

At the same time Bartholomew I. invited the Roman Pope according to the report, to visit the Phanar, the seat of the Patriarch in Constantinople.  Francis has also accepted this visit.  An official invitation still has to go through diplomatic channels, it says.  Both Church leaders had met in the context of an ecumenical meeting for the new Pope in the Vatican on Wednesday.

Additionally, the two Church leaders, “NewsIt” says, agreed to develop common initiatives for the protection of the environment.   Patriarch Bartholomew I. urged that Francis and he might go together to open a planned event in 2015 for the defense of creation on Mount Athos.  The outcome should be shown in an exhibition in the Quirinal Palace.

Bartholomew I. is known for his ecological engagement. For this reason, he is also known by the media as the “Green Patriarch”.  Francis had mentioned the protection of the environment in the sermon for his inaugural Mass.  Francis of Assisi (1181/82- 1226), for whom he chose his name, is the Patron Saint of environmentalism.

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  1. They are not "two Church leaders". One leads a severed branch of the Church that is led by the other.

    1. What you say is very true. Sometimes I’m at the mercy of the origin of the article, in this case,, one of Austria’s Neoconservative commerce websites.

  2. The term "Our separated brethren" should apply to the eastern Catholic and Orthodox and nowhere else. Is this harsh? I think not. We see the fruit thus far of Ecumenism: Metamorphism! Very bad!

  3. Greeks see the Patriarch as a traitor!

    Well there has been a religious war between the Patriarch of Constan. and Orthodox Russia over Greece and Estonia. This distinction is important.

    But first,

    the overlord Orthodox Patriarch of Constantinople Bartholomew attended and spoke in the World Policy Conference

    topic of discussion was "Europe as a Laboratory for Global Governance"

    This is NWO big time laboratory a whos whos of One World Religion and he was one of the top speakers.

    The fact is that the silence of the patriarch of Constantinople on the egregious arrest of the leading figure of the monks of Athos appears even more thunderous than the protests of the patriarchate of Moscow."

    What did the Abbot do? He sent the holy Icon of Mary's belt to Russia so the Russian people could venerate it. This is a no, no
    to NWO. They want to seperate the Russia Orthodox and Greek Orthodox so as a result the Abbot was jailed.

    Here is what Sandro Magister reported:

    "The fact is that the silence of the patriarch of Constantinople on the egregious arrest of the leading figure of the monks of Athos appears even more thunderous than the protests of the patriarchate of Moscow."

    The Russia Orthodox Church and the Patriarch of Con. fought over the jurisdiction and control of the Estonian Orthodox Church
    in 2008. The Patriarch is out of control.

    Foul Play- don't mess with the Patriarch, the Greeks believed their leader was bumped off
    'The previous head of the Ellenic church in Athens Xristodoulos, got in a tiffle with the Patriarch of Constantinople as he wanted a shift from the Turkish held Constantinople to Athens, something that got him almost excommunicated and had dire effects on the followers. His untimely death from colon cancer is suspicious to say the least."

    The Patriarch served in the Turkish military- wow how is that for an eye opener.

    He tried to run out monks on Mt Athos
    The Esfigmenos Monastery in Mt. Athos the Patriarch has striken the monks from the register and is trying to oust them replacing the monks with 6 others. The monks are resisting and are sitting tight in the monastery refusing to leave
    police are waitting for go ahead to remove them by force.

    1. here here. Read 'The Coming Epithany' PAGE 178. free download