Wednesday, December 12, 2012

6 January: George Ganswein Will Be Personally Consecrated a Bishop by the Pope

Edit:  the Pope's secretary has been given a new post, Prefect of the Papal Household in addition to his current one.  He will be an Archbishop.

Pope Benedict XVI. will have a full program over the days of Christmas: From the Christmas Mass over "Urbi et orbi" to Episcopal consecration and baptism.

Vatican City ( Pope Benedict XVI. will personally lead the Vatican celebrations on Christmas and the New Year.  As the Vatican explains on Tuesday, the Pope will celebrate the Midnight Mass at 10pm to celebrate the birth of Christ.  On Christmas day he will also personally give the traditional blessing >>Urbi et Orbi<< in the main loggia of St. Peters Cathedral.  Then he will deliver his Christmas message as well.  On Silvester evening Benedict will hold an evening prayer with the >>Te Deum<<  to close the year at St. Peter's Cathedral.  In the morning of the new year, he will celebrate Holy Mass.

On January 6th, the feast of the >>Epiphany<<, the Pope will celebrate Mass before mid-day and consecrate several Vatican priests as Bishops.  Among them is his longtime secretary George Ganswein, who will function in the future as the Prefect of the Papal House.  On January 13th, at the feast of the Baptism of Jesus, where the Pope will give several children the sacrament of baptism in the Sixtine Chapel.

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  1. Seems a little funky to me!December 12, 2012 at 11:40 AM

    "ARCHbishop"? For a social secretary? Just fifty years old and already an archbishop! Isn't this a bit over the top? What is really going on here?

  2. Still seems a little funky to me.December 13, 2012 at 7:28 AM

    But he wasn't a secretary. It isn't the age alone that makes me wonder but the combination of several things. Why was he so often a subject of articles? I recall seeing many of them.

    Also...why did often feature Msgr. Ganswein so often with the photo with the silly expression like the one used here: Is there a problem with the man? I don't read German and so unless you have posted every traslated article that held that photo I have no way of knowing. What is the story with him?

    Why is whether or not this one single man remains or goes elsewhere in the curia of so much importance? Seems so very odd.

    1. New appointments are significant because the people who occupy new offices and their past acts and statements have some bearing upon which direction the Church will take, and curial appointments are also significant for the same reason.

      It was earlier thought that ++Ganswein was being demoted and had been in a conflict with the Secretary of State.

      Apparently not.

  3. Tanced, I'm with *still seems a little funky to me*. If you know so+mething more tell us. Oh and here he's fifty. other time and elsewhere's he's 53. and 56. Still young yeh. But I can't help hope he's a ++ goodun.

  4. Check out the profile of His Excellency Timothy Paul Broglio, Archbishop of the Military Ordinariate and his credentials, including the rise to power from a simple priest from Cleveland Ohio. He has the credentials to be the first American Pope.


  5. I think they should make him a cardinal(Archbishop Georg). He has been a loyal person to the former Pope. He never revealed any secrets that the former Pope had even though he was totally familiar with every little political thing going on in the Vatican. Remember he is totally familiar with Cannon Law and has helped Benedict get through some of the toughest times in the Vatican history.