Friday, November 16, 2012

The Old Liberals Are Frozen

The Society of St. Pius X belongs to those few Catholic societies in Germany, who could hope for a future.

(  The Second Vatican Council has been a "great moment".

This was explained by the Munich Dogmatic Theologian, Fr. Bertram Stubenrauch (51) on the 13th of November in "Mittelbyerischen Zeitung".

He was quick to modify his statement:  "If one discusses the faith and considers it, as it should continue in the Church, it is always a special moment."

Does he think this only of the Left?

As to the question about the most important results of the Council the secular history remains unanimous.

The Council recognized that "God is for everyone who is."

Christians would "not have arrange the right, who is nearer to God or further away from him" -- he said.

With that he has implicitly declared that even Bishop Richard Williamson is in the heart of the Church.

The Old Liberals are Frozen

The Society of St. Pius X as far as that goes "is frozen on a certain point of the stream of history"  -- distorted Fr. Stubenrauch.

That is "forgetful".

In reality the Society of Pius X is one of the few Catholic societies in Germany which could hope to have a future.

Who is "narrow minded"?

He eagerly reads the Conciliar texts:  "They make the security of the faith detectable" -- said the emotional Fr. Stubenrauch and quickly continued, that this security is "not narrow minded."

Doesn't he want to distance himself from the narrow minded and incorrigible Old Liberalism with this statement?

Damning Judgement

The statement that the Council has "created obstacles", Fr. Stubenrauch responded with: "It's always been that way."

He didn't bring the evidence from Church history for this.

What is going to come from the Conciliar Church, "no man knows" -- he said with a damning judgment.

What Progress?

As to the question if   -- as the question was pitched to him by his interview partner --
if the "progress" went too slowly, Fr. Stubenrauch answered cooly: "no".

Because: "Who will answer for the reforms, if they lead again to conflicts and new schisms?"

And: "Anything which doesn't grow is an artificial religion."

Difficult questions not blocked

A third Vatican Council is not needed according to Fr. Stubenrauch: "The desire is expected in our hectic time."

He is for that which the Second Vatican Council has implemented, "now it will be implemented in peace and  the difficult questions won't be blocked."

Actually, that latter is exactly the situation in the Old Liberal concrete Church.

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