Thursday, November 1, 2012

News Items -- Dissident Theologian's Talk Cancelled in San Diego!

Dissident Theologian's Talk Cancelled in San Diego -- New York Times? --   Uruguay Jesuits Pro-Life?! -- The Old Mass is Normal -- The Last Christian in Homs Murdered --  Bishop of Muenster Wants to Hire Adulterers

Dissident Theologian's Talk Cancelled

San Diego, USA. This is via Stella Borealis.  The dismayed National Catholic Reporter has indicated that the Catholic University of San Diego has canceled a visiting fellowship for a theologian who writes for the decadent Tablet Newspaper. Beattie is a theological adviser to the Marxist Catholic Agency For Overseas Development, the Catholic aid agency for England and Wales -- announced the withdrawal of the invitation in an email to friends and other theologians Thursday. The Cancellation was brought about by pressure from contributors.

New York Times: Ex-Homosexuals Say they can be cured.

The Old Mass is Normal

Vatican.  It is normal to celebrate the Old Mass.  Cardinal Antonio Canizares Llovera -- the Prefect of the Liturgy Congregation -- said this to the site ''.  The Prince of the Church will celebrate the Pontifical High Mass on November 3rd for the international pilgrimage 'Una cum Papa Nostro'.  There will be a Roman Rite there in two forms.  Thusly, it's normal to celebrate the Old Rite.  He has done this already many times himself.

Uruguay Jesuits are Pro-Life?!

Montevideo, Uruguay.  According to CNA/ETWN, the Society of Jesus in Uruguay has spoken out with "deep regret" against Father Jose Ignacio Gonzalez Faus, who supports the legalization of infant slaughter.  He was quoted by 'La Daria', where he supported the killing of a child up to the 12th week of a pregnancy.  Amazingly, the Jesuits of Uruguay distanced themselves from his comments saying, they "have  done nothing more than create confusion in people especially the way in which he approaches the issue of the legalization of abortion."

Last Christian of Homs is Murdered

Syria.  Yesterday, Elias Mansour (84) -- the last Christian in the Syrian city of Homs -- was murdered.  This was reported by the Mission news service 'Fides'.  Mansour refused to leave his house in the course of the evacuation of the city.  He cared for his handicapped son there.  Mansour's murderers are terrorists who are being supported by the West.

Now the Exception Becomes the Rule

Germany.  Bishop Felix Genn of Muenster is going to appoint adulterers to positions in the Church.  He said this yesterday to the 'Neu Ruhr/ Neuen Rhein Zeitung'.  He sees an allegedly "clear border" where adulterers can work in communications.  There is no possible position for bigamists.  IN reality there are a lot of adulterous religion teachers.   An adulterer may however occupy a post in a Catholic hospital as chief doctor.

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