Saturday, November 3, 2012

Bishop Williamson's First Move

Edit: Some of the speculation of what Bishop Williamson is going to do should be sorted out now. It remains to be seen how many gather under his banner, although he has encouraged those who are sympathetic to him to stay where they are. He and the rest of the Society are determined to keep as much unity as possible.  He's also asking for money.
IT SEEMS THAT, today, God wants a loose network of independent pockets of Catholic Resistance, gathered around the Mass, freely contacting one another, but with no structure of false obedience, which served to sink the mainstream Church in the 1960’s and is now sinking the Society of St. Pius X. If you agree, make contributions to the St. Marcel Initiative; they will certainly come in useful. For myself, once my situation stabilizes, I am ready to put my bishop’s powers at the disposal of whoever can make wise use of them. —His Excellency Bishop Richard Williamson, London, November 3, 2012

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  1. Then why did he not just opt for an amicable 'retirement' from SSPX and then plough his own furrow? Instead +Williamson and his cohorts opted to attack +Fellay, in the most unacceptable terms, and attempt to destabilise SSPX. Thereby, he lost credibility.

  2. He did not opt for a retirement. He was expelled. He has not lost any credibility. It was Bishop Fellay that gave the impression he was ready to make a deal with modernist Rome. Even now there is a well respected priest who is writing down how the SSPX has deviated from its mission in the past. There is much more to this story and it will come out eventually.

  3. Archbishop Lefebvre was ready to make a deal with "modernist" Rome too.

  4. No longer a Williamson fan.November 4, 2012 at 12:47 PM

    Sadly, Bishop Williamson has indeed lost ALL credibility. And it is a self-inflicted wound. You would know that if you didn't have such steady and idolatrous diet of him.

    You and your little "in the know" tidbits you plant across the blogosphere are shameful and imprudent. Your gossip and your innuendos levied against others borders calumny at times and is quite sinful. Or do you fancy that you follow the Blessed Virgin by your actions? By the way...just what canonized saint do you fancy that your bishop follows with his actions? Hmmmm?

    His Excellency Bishop Fellay chose to consult the Holy Ghost in his dealings with Rome. He wisely did not choose Bishop Williamson. Nor you. He enlisted the aid of the the Blessed Mother. He did not enlist the aid of Bishop Williamson. Or you. He prayed to Archbishop Lefebvre and Saint Pius X. He did not pray to Bishop Williamson or you. So go cry yourselves a river.

  5. Bishop Williamson has not lost any credibility, quite the opposite. It would seem that 3 days only after expelling him, Bishop Fellay asked for more time to the Vatican... How about that? what a coincidence hey?

  6. More tidbits from the Williamson shill.

    We're still waiting to know if you think you follow the Virgin's example by your actions. Perhaps you think "she kept all things in her heart" to mean "she kept all things on her lips" and that is why yours are always flapping.

  7. Constantly rehashing the words of ABL is driving me to despair. Much of the archbishop's beef with Rome was very personal and would have reflected a relationship which pre-dated the Council. Until his death, the Society was the archbishop and his volatility. However, the cause of tradition did have a big personality to focus on and he left behind four bishops, guaranteeing a succession.

    Following the Society's change of direction which has caused these bishops to react in different ways, Bp. Williamson is proposing an interesting new initiative for the remnant's priests and laity suspicious of the constant liberal drift. If the Society is now doing deals with 'new world' institutions, what better prelate is suited to counter this unhappy deviation than the colourful bishop. If he can take the strain, we are indeed very fortunate.

  8. Yoohooo, must be feeling pretty shameful by now. If not, you ought to be.