Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Bishop Williamson Willing to Consecrate New Bishops

"For myself, I shall attempt to follow his Providence in the ordaining of priests - or in the consecrating of bishops. God’s will be done. "

Edit: This is the following letter from the Eleison Comments.  Bishop Williamson sounds like he's going to slowly move to the next step.  He wants to avoid dividing the Society:
After last week’s presentation of details of the “Marcellus Initiative” set up to facilitate donations to the cause of an « expelled » bishop, a few readers reasonably asked what the “Initiative” would be for. To begin with, it will cover his personal expenses of moving out of Wimbledon, maybe out of London, and then living elsewhere. Over and above those expenses, the word “Initiative” was chosen deliberately to leave options open. However, it is important that nobody should think that their donations will any time soon go to the setting up of a replacement for the Society of St Pius X or a substitute seminary. There are good reasons for not hurrying to do either.
As for an alternative to the SSPX, we must learn the lessons to be drawn from its present severe crisis. The Catholic Church runs on authority, from the Pope downwards, but our Revolutionary world has today so broken down men’s natural sense of authority that few know how to command, and most men obey either too little or too much. We have, so to speak, run out of that peasant common sense that enabled Catholic authority to function. Thus as God alone could establish Moses’ authority by a sensational chastisement of rebels (cf. Numbers XVI), so in our day surely God alone will be able to restore the Pope’s authority. Will it be by ”a rain of fire”, such as Our Lady of Akita forewarned in Japan in 1973 ? Be that as it may, oases of the Faith remain an immediate and practical possibility, and I will do my best to serve them.
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  1. Were he to consecrate, how would Rome handle it?

  2. If Archbishop Lefebvre were alive today I'm sure he would say that Rome is still in apostasy and especially after the Pope went to Assisi 3. Bishop Williamson is a straight shooter and doesn't compromise and I know God is with him. He hasn't changed and God bless him for it.

  3. Frankly I think he's a disgrace and I think the way many extremists in the SSPX act about him is a disgrace as well, he's imprudent, disobedient, arrogant and plays with the truth. One only needs to read his eleison comments to confirm this.

    1. i read eleison comments and have not read anything contrary to the truth.

    2. As a Roman catholic living through an extended sedevacante,I like the old Bishop. (Even we disagree on issues) Anyone know if he has concecrated a bishop yet?

  4. Ditto, JMJ Ora Pro Nobis. I think Bishop Fellay did what he absolutely had to do. God bless him for it.