Sunday, September 30, 2012

Legal Complaint: Organ Donors Aren't Even Dead Before They're Chopped UP

Edit: the Church has expressed reservations about this, as on Lifesite News.  This story is terribly gruesome, and it's hard to believe that anyone could suspend their disgust and horror long enough to contemplate doing something like this, no matter how much money he was being paid.

Patrick McMahon (50) is a former employee of the organization 'New York Organ Donor Network', which manages organ transplants.

On Tuesday he arrived in a court in Manhattan and filed suit against the organization.  This was reported in "New York Post" on September 26th.

McMahon's accusation:  The organization is supposed to have been put under massive pressure to prematurely pronounce patients as "brain dead", in order to take out their organs.

The organization has also trained hospital employees in the tactics of conferring with relatives to facilitate the organ donations.

Diagnosis over the telephone

McMahon gave some examples:

In Septemer 2011 the New York Clinic at Nassau University Medical Center designated a boy of 19 as an organ donor although he was still trying to breathe and still had brain activity.

Michael Goldstein -- the medical director of 'New York Organ Donor Network' -- had become involved in the case on the telephone and shouted: "This boy is dead, do you understand that?"

McMahon was active in the US Airforce in Iraq and Afghanistan as a medical technician.  He explained:  "I have seen worse cases than this which were successfully operated on."  There were people with serious brain injuries and every possible kind of trauma which he was able to help save, and in some of the cases he's seen, they're being designated as donors.

Extortion of the next of kin

In any case there was a woman in St. Barnabas Hospital in the New York city portion, the Bronx, who was offered up.  She also showed life signs.

Actually, the employee of the 'New York Organ Donor Network' used the fact, that she had received a kidney a few years old, in order to extort her daughter."

Whoever protests is a troublemaker 

In October 2011 in Kings County Hospital in Brooklyn a man was dismembered although he had shown brain activity.

A month later McMahon saw, how a woman with an overdose was delivered to the Staten Island University Hospital,  received anesthesia before the removal of her organs, because he body flinched.

As McMahon protested, a colleague from 'New York Organ Donor Network' explained that he is a "uneducated troublemaker".

Every fifth

McMahon explained in his complaint that every fifth designated organ donor shows brain activity.

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