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Leadership Change at the Institute of the Good Shepherd: Not Vatican II Enough

Das Institut vom Guten Hirten
Edit: A Visitation for the Good Shepherd and not Collegeville?

( The traditional Institute of the Good Shepherd which is situated in Bordeaux has a new General Superior.

 The Institute was founded in September 2006. The six founding members were all former clergy of the SSPX.

A New General Superior

Till now the General Superior has been Father Phillipe Laguérie.  His successor is Father Roch Perrel.

The first assistant was Fr. Paul Aulangier, second assistant Fr. Leszek Krolikowski, third assistant Fr. Stefano Carusi and forth assistant Fr. Louis-Numa Julien.

The new General Superior was recently the Rector of the Institute's Seminary St. Vincent de Paul and previously the Superior of the Institute in Brazil.

Something isn't right

The site 'katholisches.infoo' reports that on the internet site of the Institute was a notification which states that the only messages that are validity are those published by the official internet site.

It was published on the 6th of July.

The notification was signed by-- not identified by name -- the Secretary of the new General Superior.

There is not a word on the General Chapter and the new election.

This is what Rome exxpected

This clearly demonstrates, according to '', a crisis of leadership within the Institute.

A younger generations has taken leadership.  Actually, a part of the Institutes appears not to recognize the changes:

"An invocation from Rome against the validity of the General Chapter can't be excluded."

Unclear Situation

The site referred to the blog of the past General Superior.

In an entry on the 6th of July he wrote knowingly in connection with the election:

"All ways lead to Rome, even especially  the most tenuous...

For that reason,  very soon!"

It is unclear, if the results of the election is connected with the most recent Vatican Visitation.

This expected from the Institute a better connection of the Pastoral Council and the new doctrinal office in priestly formation as well as the recognition of the 'Catechism of the Catholic Church.' [Would that be the same one published by Weltbild and edited by the Viennese Cardinal?]

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