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Bishop Algermissen: Backup or no Backup: That is the Question

Bischof Heinz Josef Algermissen
© Pressebild Bistum Fulda
(  In September 2010 Bishop Heinz Josef Algermissen of Fulda expressed himself to the 'Fuldaer Zeitung' about so called reforms in the Church.

The time is ripe for a new Council -- he said and complained about the backup in the Catholic Church.

He argued in favor of the ordination of homosexually disturbed persons as priests although eighty percent of the abuse cases in the Church are due to the same tastes.

What Now?

Actually as a proper Conciliar Bishop, Msgr Algermissen said everything and the opposite of everything.

In his "current Bishops' word"  for the coming Sunday he prattled on the concept of "barriers".

This is a sign of the worldliness of the Church.

Therefore it's only a catch word

In his own words, Msgr Algermissen:

"In secular institutions it is always the situation that there are necessary reforms.

Some in our communities accept the catchword "backlog" for the Church, unreflectively.

You do not notice that in this particular way of conception make they make the Church more worldly and it no long is  >>in Christ in the same way as Sacrament, that is called a sign and a tool for the innermost unity with God as well as unity with all people<<."

The citation used by Msgr Algermissen came from the Church Constitution of the Pastoral Council.

The best reform measures

Bishop Algermissen does not deny that there is a need for reform: "Only it falls on us."

For that reason he writes:  "We begin immediately to remove the barriers to reform from our own doorstep."

The regular participation in Holy Mass will help the most to remove the "barriers".

He loses the way

In Fulda it is known that Bishop Algermissen doesn't have a personal opinion.

That's why he doesn't contradict himself very often.  Correspondingly, he doesn't travel in a straight line either.

Msgr Algermissen doesn't have the courage to assert himself against the homosexual promoters and Rector of the Seminary, Fr. Cornielius Roth or against his Rotarian-General Vicar Gerhard Stanke or against Liberal priests.

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