Sunday, May 13, 2012

Last Minute Sabotage Attempts --- A Few Days Before Benedict's Decision

(Vatican/Menzigen)  The scenario is known.  There have been attempts of sabotage in the last months as the Society of St. Pius X and the Holy See reconcile.  Attempts which have shown themselves to come from both sides.  One yesterday from the Frankfurter Allgemeinen Zeitung belonged to a public statement by Cardinal Kasper just as much as the deliberate publication of some internal correspondence between the General Superior of the Society, Msgr Fellay, and the other three Bishops of the Society.

The statements of the Curial Cardinal Kasper seem more of a rear-guard action, which coming to the resigned understanding of what can no longer be prevented, but at least to make some signals to the other side of the Church, which is skeptically disinclined to  a reconciliation which at least he and probably also other high princes of the Church are of the same opinion.

The indiscretions from the series of letters had brought to understanding that there are some intriguing elements at work, which want as much to damage the Society as they do the Catholic Church.  It may be the case that these intentional violations of confidence may be led back to the group which was already criticizing Msgr. Fellay sharply in Autumn of 2011 as he asked Msgr Richard Williamson to cease from abusing him.

The mandate and responsibility for the reconciliation talks with Rome in the Society are the General Superior and his two assistants.  They have accorded a decision and in any case immediately sent Msgr Fellay's answer to Pope Benedict XVI on April 17th.

In the mean time there are only a few days till the Congregation for Doctrine and the Faith will deliberate on the most recent modified "Doctrinal Preamble" proposed  by  Msgr Fellay on May 17th .  Then Pope Benedict XVI as generally expected will make known his decision within the course of the month.

Then it will be shown who in the Society will turn from the path of schism to reconciliation with Peter, while for the greater majority of the Society the "bigger task and challenge" will then begin, as Msgr Fellay described it.  That not a few high members of the Church would not be unhappy, if Msgr Richard Williamson remained "outside", is generally known.  It is also known that Pope Benedict XVI, however, doesn't think in political categories.

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  1. Bishop Williamson would not abuse Bishop Fellay but is fighting for the traditions always taught before VII and is very much aware of the wolves in sheep's clothing that Our Lord warned about who are in the Vatican. Just look at the bad deals with Campos and Papa Stronsay. It's no wonder that the Bible tells us only a remnant will have the faith in the end times. The majority will fall into apostasy.

  2. Whoever leaked this document violated confidence and committed a serious sin. It doesn't look good for their side that they're willing to stoop to these tactics.

    They must be desperate indeed.