Thursday, May 10, 2012

Bishop Tells "Catholic" School They Can't Honor Gomorrist Group

Edit: When aren't "school officials" not clueless. Perhaps in earlier times they were more afraid of the clergy that hired them, now they're as absolutely fearless and insufferably proud as they are clueless. Fortunately, Iowa Bishop Martin Amos of Davenport, knows the Catholic Faith better than they do and stepped in.

The way the anti-Catholic Washington Post tells the story, you'd think that the Bishop was evil incarnate. They seem astounded that a Catholic Bishop would do his job. Many don't, but not in Davenport.

IOWA CITY, Iowa — Overruling [clueless] school officials, a Catholic bishop in Iowa said Monday he would not let a group that promotes equal rights for gays and lesbians [Gomorrists] present a college scholarship to an openly gay student during an upcoming award ceremony. [Arguably he should have been expelled and the administrators dismissed, but, brick by brick.]

Bishop Martin Amos in Davenport said the Eychaner Foundation would not be allowed to present the Matthew Shepard Scholarship to Keaton Fuller during the May 20 ceremony at Prince of Peace Catholic School in Clinton, saying the group’s support for gay rights [why even concede that such a thing as gay "rights" even exists?] conflicts with church doctrine.

The announcement comes after a school official signed a document last month that promised to let a representative of the foundation’s scholarship committee present the award to Fuller.

In an open letter released Monday, Fuller said he’s never felt so “invalidated and unaccepted” [Then don't go to schools where your behavior is challenged and questioned.] as he did when he heard that news last week. He said he and his family were asking the school to reverse its decision, and he launched an online petition Monday that was signed by hundreds of supporters within its first hours.
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