Monday, April 2, 2012

Young Bishop Calls Benedictines of Nursia for Old Mass

This is what the future looks like.
(Foligno)  The Bishop of the central Italian Diocese of Foligno asked the Benedictines of Nursia to celebrate a series of solemn Masses in the Immemorial Rite.  The invitation followed in the context of an initiative of the Bishop to bring the faithful of his Diocese closer to the Old Mass.  The Bishop participates himself, as much as possible, in the Holy Mass, in order to give through his personal presence, a sense of the importance of this "treasure of the Church", as Pope Benedict XVI called the Old Mass.

The Diocese of Foligno is in Umbria, the home of St. Francis of Assisi.  Msgr Signismondi, born in 1961 is one of the youngest Bishops of Italy.  He studied at the Papal University of the Gregorian in Rome and was ordained in 1986 to the priesthood.  After several years in pastoral work he became the Rector of a seminary and undertook a period of teaching as a Dogmatic Theologian.  In 2008, Pope Benedict XVI named him to the Diocese of Foligno.

The Benedictine Cloister of Nursia, the home town of the Father of Monasticism, Benedict, has been  re-colonized in the last ten years by American monks, who are bound to tradition and celebrate the Holy Liturgy in the Immemorial Rite.

Holy Mass in the Immemorial Rite is celebrated by the monks of Nursia once a month at the church of Santa Maria Infraportas at 10 am.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Bild: Benediktinerkloster Nursia

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