Thursday, April 26, 2012

German Greens Spearhead New Pedophilia Campaign

This child and anti-family decadence-party may claim the right for itself to be called the historical defender for child abuse.

(  The youth organization of the Antifa-Neonazis want to legalize sexual depravity and pedophilia within the family.

This was reported by the Berline weekly "Junge Freiheit" on April 13th.

Thus, "sex beetween parents and their children" should be allowed.

The Defense of Children is Old Fashioned

The antifa-neonazis are justifying their pedophile campaign with apparently overhauling and "old fashioned moral standards" of Germans:

"The prohibition on incest in Germany is a crass imposition by the state in the private sphere and of people to determine their own manner of life"  -- explained the Green Antifa-Neonazis.

With a view to the significant handicaps of children from incestuous relationships the comrades state:  The state doesn't have to be concerned with the "purity of the people's heritage".

With Vehemence

The comrades of decadence of the Green Bundesfraktion are supporting the proposal.

The speaker on legal issues, Comrade Jerzy Montag (65) explained it this way, "the legal persecution of sexual relations between relatives and siblings" is an "anachronism".

The previously convicted terrorist defender and Green official, Comrade Hans-Christian Ströbele was vehement on this point, to allow sexual relations between siblings:

"Two grown men should be able to decide between themselves, if they want to have sexual intercourse."

The Sexually Depraved Antifa-Neonazis

The Board of the so-called "Green Youth" is:

- The speaker Sina Doughan (24) from Tegersee in Southern Bavaria
- The speaker Karl Bar (26) from Tegersee in Southern Bavaria
- The political business manager Freia Then (19) from Berlin
- Treasurer Jens Parker (23) from Frankfurt

Co-Chairs are:

-Dimitra Kostimpas (20) from Nurnberg
-Felix Banaszak (22) from Duisburg
- The Nepalese Timeela Mandhar (19)
-Felix Deist (26) from Essen

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