Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Contemplative Dominicans Revive Dominican Chant

Traditional Dominican Nuns have awakened those timeless melodies, whose goose the Vatican Council has tried to cook, to new life. -kreuz.net (Not of this Church)

(kreuz.net, Avrille)  The Traditional contemplative Dominicans of Avrille will celebrate soon their 25th year of existence.

This is according to their superior, Mother Marie-Emmanuel on 'laportelatine.org' the website of the French District of the Society of St. Pius X.

The 12,000 soul community of Avrille is near Angers in western France.

Not of this World

The life of the Dominican nuns is described by Mother Marie-Emmanuel as open, simple and balanced:  "It is filled with supernatural joy."

The lives of the Dominican nuns is "not of this world".

Free in the Prison of Love

On the way to heaven the same principle is valid as in the desert, in the arctic circle or climbing a mountain:  "To stay in the same place means death".

The cloistered nun says of the bars of the enclosure, that the sisters are prisoners of the love of God are unendingly free.

When a postulant enters the enclosure,   she is initially impressed by the silence, the simplicity and the love of neighbor.

The silence is filled with God's presence.

God Takes Away the Useless

The closer one comes to the source, the more the thirst for it grows.

A Dominican sister throws off all excess ballast, in order to find the face of Christ.

The divine bride simplifies the inner life of the soul and immediately takes the useless away.

Desire for Silence and Prayer

When asked about the call Sister explained that every soul has her own story.

She is a world unto herself and belongs to God.

When he calls, he gives everything that is necessary to follow the call.

For life in the Cloister it is necessary for the sister to have a thirst for God as well as a desire for silence and prayer.

The exteriorly inactive life uncovers an inexhaustible treasure.

Exclusively Facing God

A soul which has been called would find an active life dry and full of care.

It would not give everything that it could:  "It would seem as though she was stealing from God".

It is of the greatest importance, that God chooses some of His creatures to serve Him alone.

The Superior recalls that even with the hierarchies of angels, some are exclusively turned to face God.

They fertilize the -- increasingly non-existent -- Apostolate

Mother Marie-Emmanuel explains why the nuns in her cloister belong to the "Order of Preachers":

"The Dominicans take contemplation to the soul and the Dominican nuns carry the soul to contemplation."

The nuns preach in the silence of their hidden life.

They would never forget to pray for the holiness and blessings of others.

Their love is concerned with the -- very thin flow of-- apostolates of priests and missionaries.

No Competition 

The Sisters have good contacts with other traditional nuns -- Carmelites, Clares and Benedictinnes.

In the world of saints there is no competition. 

In a garden, which is apparently "so fruitful"  as the Holy Church, "every flower is happy with the spot that God has planted it."

She is happy for the beauty of all the other flowers.

For that reason, Mother Superior clearly knows, "that the foundations of the Church are shaken in this time."

The Old Sounds Are New

The Superior stresses, that her Cloister is restoring the Office of the ancient melodies of the Dominicans.

These tones were silenced after the catastrophe of the Council.

Finally, sister explained that her community is open to beginning anew.


  1. What do you mean about the increasingly non existent apostolate? Surely that's not directed at the traditional Dominican friars at avrille?

  2. It's referring to the fact that vocations are drying up. Recently, France reported its lowest number of seminarians since the Revolution.

    1. ah right, yeah fair enough, what a shame :( The traditional dominican friars have been taking on just under one new member a year since their foundation, roughly anyway.

      Apologies for being presumptuous

    2. It's a bit awkward and there's probably a better way it could be translated.

  3. These aren't really Dominican nuns, though. They have no connection to the Dominican Order. It's a shame