Wednesday, March 28, 2012

One of Terrorist's Victims Was a Son of France and the Church

One of the soldiers shot by Islamic terrorist Mohamed Merah (23) indicates a very symbolic victim.

Corporal Abel Chennouf (24) was about to become a father. He is both Algerian Alsatian by birth, but "Catholic by choice" as chaplain Christian Venard said in his sermon at the funeral. "Your family has chosen France (and I repeat the words of your dear father), with all its traditions, including its deepest roots, which are Christian. How could we, my dear Abel, in such an accumulation of symbols, not see the most precious assets of our French fatherland, everyone at her breast pushing her sons to be who they want to be?"

Tranlated from katholikniuewsblad....

H/t: P-Hall

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