Tuesday, February 7, 2012

SSPX: There is Already a New Dogmatic Preamble

The Society of St. Pius X is on a sound path.  On the other hand, the German speaking Bishops now as ever are striving with every effort to prevent them from attaining full unity with Rome.  by Jacqueline Jeannerat [translation]
'The German Bishops' Conference' Endorsement  of Würzburg Synod 

(kreuz.net) The General Superior of the Society of St. Pius X., Bishop Bernard Fellay (53) has produced a new Dogmatic Preamble for the Congregation of the Faith.

This comes from reports unconfirmed so far.

The new version should be signable by the Society.

A possiblity Existed Already in 2001

Already in 2001 there was the possibility that the Society had received from then Pope Johannes Paul II. († 2005) even without a signed consent, to receive a Apostolic Personal Prelature.

At this point however, the preconditions which Bishop Fellay was seeking were still not fulfilled.

The three were: the rehabilitation of the Old Mass, a lifting of the excommunications of the four Pius-Bishops and the possibility of a theological dialog between the Vatican and the Society.

The next big problem

Through the critical exploration of the non-dogmatic conclusions of the second Vatican Council the Society would like to bring a fruitful dialog process into play.

Against that the German dialog Bishops are against any further dialogue.

Even so the schismatically oriented German speaking Bishops are refusing to reach any efforts in order to bring full unity with Rome.

These are the terms

The following terms would be necessary:
- The withdrawal of the immoral Königsteiner Declaration of August 1968. [When the German Bishops met in opposition to Paul VI's Humanae Vitae on behalf of 'primacy of conscience'. It was a rebellious act against the Papacy.]

- The withdrawal of the Würzburg Synod. [It was formed by dissident priests of Würzburg, in order to distort the conclusions of the Second Vatican Council. It was endorsed by Julius Cardinal Döpfner of Munich and Freising.]

- The understanding that withdrawing from the Church will not include excommunication [German Catholics have legitimate reasons to leave the Church so as not to pay the Church-tax and support the leftist and heretical agendas of the German Bishops, including their participation in abortion and pornography.]

- The correction in German of the poorly translated words of institution [The German Bishops are steadfastly resisting the Holy Father's efforts to change the words of institution to "many" vs. "all".]

- Public reparations for the participation of the Old Liberal official Church in the mass murder of abortion, - the freedom of making declarations free of heresy,

- support for societies true to Rome,

- compliance of lay instruction,

- the greatest possible promotion of the Old Mass.

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  1. If Bishop Fellay produced it, then why would he not sign it?

  2. I don't think such a preamble actually exists, but I think it's something the Bishop would sign if he were to write something like it.

  3. The German Bishops are the real schismatics here. In the main, they've done everything imaginable to undermine the Holy See since the Pastoral Council.