Friday, February 3, 2012

Herod, Henry VIII, Napoleon, Hitler, Stalin, and now Obama

Obama vs. Catholic Church

Edit: Herod, Julian the Apostate, Frederick II, Henry VIII, Elizabeth I, Cromwell,  Napoleon Bonaparte, Victor Emmanuel,  Bismarck, Hitler, Stalin and now Obama.

The Catholic Church has had colossal foes of profound stature and like the Dragon of John the Evangelist, have waited outside the womb to devour the child.  Each has been vanquished in turn, if not by the power of the Church, but the power of God acting through the Church

Each has been struck down or stymied in his own way from his horse, humbled in his power and majesty.  They have all fallen into the stream of history to be washed away like Pharaoh's army.

Leo I Confronting the Hun
Painting from, Raffello da Urbino/


  1. Tancred:

    These remarks you posted are among the most eloquent and hopeful I have ever read.

    My deepest thanks.

  2. That should be Leo I confounding Attila.

  3. Very good but I think you mean Elizabeth I, not QE II.

  4. The Church in America (specifically the USCCB) has acted as the spiritual arm of the Democrat Party. They were screaming the loudest for socialized medicine, now they act surprised that the libs will force them to dispense contraception? Thanks to Cardinal Bernadin and the "Seemless garment".