Friday, February 24, 2012

German Court OKs Insulting the Catholic Church

Edit: This is bad law any way it's sliced.  The can't honestly throw this case out and charge Bishop Williamson for the same thing later on.  Can they?  Perhaps this is the future of German justice in a land that sends millions of its children to certain death every year in abortuaries?

The Catholic Church may be referred to as a "Child F... sect"  --  Update:  Contact date Berlin Federal Court-- Berlin-Tiergarten and State Prosecutor

Berlin (  The Catholic church may now be referred to as a "Child F... sect".  That is the conclusion of the Federal Court in Berlin-Tiergarten.  The State Prosecutor had filed a complaint against Jörg Kantel, the author of the weblog, "Schockwellenreiter", because he leveled  an insult  of denominations, religious societies and communal world views (Para 166 StGB).  Kanthel had entitled an entry on the 29th of June 2011 as "Kinder f.... sect" where he described Cardinal Joachim Meisner of Cologne as the head of the "Kinder f... sect".  He pled freedom of opinion and the press.  The standing judge refused the opening of main proceedings.   The statement was not meant to disturb the public peace because,  "in fact substantial discussions in public on the theme of abuse in the Catholic Church". Because the prosecutor lodged no appeal of the non-opening decision, this is final.  KATH.NET has asked the German Bishops' Conference for an opinion and will continue to report.

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