Sunday, February 12, 2012

Exiled Loyal Polish Priest Returns to St. Pölten!

Edit: he had been untreated by the old scandal Diocese of Linz, and despite having the entire board of the Parish behind him, was asked to leave on the say so of the Austrian media and a few disgruntled parishioners who rarely went to Church and demonstrated even less knowledge of the Catholic faith than they did actual charity from the indeterminate and baseless accusations made against the priest.

The well-known Polish priest is active right now in the Diocese of St. Pölten in the Parish of Neuhofen on the river Ybbs in the Deanery Amstetten and thus is nearer to Linz than before when he was serving at Kopfing.

St.Pölten-Linz ( famous Polish Priest Andreas Skoblicki, who is also loved by many, is returning back to Austria and is this weekend at the Diocese of St. Pölten in the Parish of Newhofen on the Ybbs in the Deanery of Amstette as a priest. Interesting detail: Skoblicki is with that, has been moved closer to Linz. The distance to Kopfing from the Diocesan Bishop's residence is 68 kilometers, while the distance to the Parish of Neuhofen to Linz is only 63 kilometers, according to Routenplaner.

After a month of bullying in December, on the part of Linz Diocesan circles, the Polish Priest finally left the Diocese of Linz. From previous letter to KATH.NET by the priest, it was revealed that he was "forced into this decision".

A statement by the Diocese of St. Pölten said the following: "The Diocese of St. Pölten offers Herr Magister Andreas Skoblicki the possibility for a new beginning under another situation. Skoblicki will be employed as a pastoral chaplain in the Parish of Neuhofen on the Ybbs in the Deanery of Amstetten. He is thus subject to the Pastor and Episcopal Vicar Dr. Helmut Prader."

We are happy for all, who work in the kingdom of God," said the press agent of the Diocese of St. Pölten, Markus Riccabona. "We invite all to give Father Skoblicki a fair chance and judge him according to his ministry in the parish."

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