Sunday, January 8, 2012

Justin Bieber is "Proud, to be Christian"

The 17 year old Canadian pop singer, a Catholic, prays every day for his family, his friends and his fans -- the world without Jesus Christ would be a 'lost place'.

 Berlin ( For pop singer Justin Bieber the world without Jesus Christ would be "a lost place". "I am proud to be a Christian", said the 17 year old Catholic for "Bild am Sontag".

 He prays ever day for his family, his friends and fans, says the singer. Recently, he got a tattoo with the face of Jesus based on a Rubens painting on his left calf.

Also, before each of his appearances he says a prayer in English and Hebrew. This gives him "the power, which I need, in order to be able to give everything each day." At home in Canada, he goes regularly to services, mostly with his father. Link to original...


  1. I don't think Bieber is Catholic, though he did go to Catholic schools, his mom is an ex Catholic :(

  2. Yeah actually he is an evangelical just like his mother.

  3. Sounds like he lives in a "house divided" and that dad is still Catholic.

  4. 'Christian' is the key word here. You don't have to be sectarian. Catholics are part of Christianity, if the people above have not twigged it yet. And if Justin say he is a Christian then surely he is!

  5. Words matter and it would be unfortunate if Justin became an apostate like his mother and put his immortal soul in the hands of the devil in so doing.

  6. I just hope he manages to get to adulthood without being destroyed by the sleazoids in the entertainment industry. I can think of a couple others that didn't turn out too well.

    I can't stand the kid's music, but he deserves credit for being a decent human being, unlike, um, almost everybody else out there.