Monday, January 16, 2012

Heterodox, Hostile to Tradition. Regensburg Bishop to CDF?

Editor: There's some speculation from Vaticanista Tornielli and in the German press about who the next head of the CDF will be.  Bishop Muller is said to be "close" to Pope Benedict.  Not sure how that works, but the man is thoroughly incompetent to the job, unless he's being kicked upstairs.

Bishop Muller can't even really be said to be Catholic as he denies the physical inviolability of Our Lady even in child birth.  He says that the Virgin birth was "not from the abnormal physiological particularities of natural progression in birth, [uh, like the non-opening of the birth canal, the inviolability of the hymen and that she didn't feel the pains of birth] , rather in the healing and saving influence of the Savior's Grace for human nature."

The German translated above: „nicht um abweichende physiologische Besonderheiten in dem natürlichen Vorgang der Geburt (wie etwas die Nichteröffnung der Geburtswege, die Nichtverletzung des Hymen und der nicht eingetretenen Geburtsschmerzen), sondern um den heilenden und erlösenden Einfluß der Gnade des Erlösers auf die menschliche Natur“.

As far as Vatican appointments go it has been noticed significantly, that the candidate for the post is incompetent.  In that respect he would be an ideal candidate.  A commentary by Leopoline Mayrbichl.
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( Bishop Gerhard Ludwig Muller is up for the umpteenth time as prefect of the Congredegation for the Doctrine and the Faith.

The same is said with the same regularity about Vienna's Christoph Cardinal von Schönborn. One has the impression that these most worthy masters would squelch the rumors in order to come closer to their desired positions.

Their press secretaries are understandably instructed, to approach everything dutifully -- as if one would rather remain a pastor. These theological heavy weights must be reminded, however, that the wealth of God is won by service -- not to honors and positions.

The consolation prize

It is generally well known, that the Prefect of the CDF since 2009 also the President of the Papal Commission 'Ecclesia Dei' is appropriate to the traditionalists.

Actually with his unintelligent and hostile disposition to the traditionalists and the Old Liturgy Bishop Muller would be considered unsuitable to this position.

The people, for whom he is responsible, would face a serious challenge in dealing with him.

In this sense he has sunk his own career.

The antagonism remains

Apparently, Benedic XVI was supposed to have made a visit to Regensburg to take the Bishop to task.

The Pope had attempted to hold him back from his hostility to tradition.

Then the Bishop allowed the Old Mass in Regensburg.

Actually, as the hope of a quick Cardinal's purple flew, then he began to put employees of the ordinary under pressure.

They were expected to distinguish themselves from traditionalists.

Theologically Clueless

Still of greater concern are the serious deficiencies in the theological competence of the Bishop.

Although he was once a professor of Dogmatic Theology -- but unfortunately only at the decadent and Old Liberal Theological Faculty of Munich.

He really doesn't know much about Catholic theology.

Correspondingly, he's spread some blatant heresies regarding the Virginity of Mary, the Eucharist and ecumenism.

As a successor for Cardinal William Levada(75)as Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine and the Faith, Bishop Charles Morerod(50)of Lausanne-Genf-Freiburg is recommended.

One would be advised to appoint him soon -- before he is furthered compromised by the Old Liberal powers in his Diocese.

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  1. Well...maybe there will be a miracle and Bp Schneider will be appointed to the CDF...That would cause head spins for sure. Though Leveda was supposed to be a bad appointment and it turned out half way decent. So miracles do happen.

  2. From what I understand, they just kicked +Levada upstairs and Papa did all the work, wearing the hats of multiple Congregations.

    I understand he works like a Enlightened Despot, long, long hours.

  3. Yeps, and that's exactly why it wasn't so bad. Papa did all the work. Unfortunately Papa's aging and can't do all the work. I'd be wise to appoint someone who knows the Faith. This Muller guy doesn't sound like the right one.