Monday, December 19, 2011

Talk Instead of Action: In Linz There Will be a "Diocesan Council"

Bishop of Linz, Msgr Schwarz

(, Linz) The Old Liberal Bishop Ludwig Schwarz of Linz is open "to a kind of "Diocesan Coouncil"'.

This is what the anti-Church newspaper 'Upper Austrian News" reported.

The idea was Bert Brandstetter's(61), the new President of the 'Catholic Action of Upper Austria'.

Bishop Schwarz recently announced the selection for this office.  He had never before been a member of  Church board.

Brandstetter is a former journalist of the former Reichsender Vienna [Nazi Radio Station after the Anschluss]  (ORF).

"I want"

On Tuesday Brandstetter expressed himself at a reception for journalists --- as reported by the 'Upper Austrian News'. He opened up his big mouth.

He complained about the "unctuous" tone of ecclesiastical hierarchs. He wants to look at the Bishops eye to eye: "I hope of Pope and of the Bishops that they will show, where the 'herd' wants to graze."

The order comes from the ORF people

Brandstetter thinks it's a "shame", that long dead ecumenism no longer progresses. In general it seems to him that the Church -- in which total anarchy rules -- "dictates too much".

After the journalistic meeting Brandstetter gave the old Reichssender Vienna an Interview. That is where Brandstetter insulted the Church. It is too boring, too musty, too dusty and too unfriendly.

He wants to continue on  "the path open to the world " --- a codeword for the Old Liberal mismanagement -- which his decadent predecessor Margit Hauft.

Who is in charge?

As if a button were pushed, Bishop Schwarz creaked for Brandstetter's fiery talk. 

For the fortieth anniversary Jubilee of the Pastoral Council in October 2012 the Diocese is preparing something -- said the 'Upper Austrian News'.

It requires the formulation of "contemporary" answers from the Christian message.

He sees dialog and the culture of communiction in the Diocese as essential points.

Brandstetters proposals are also to be discussed in a "Diocesan Council".

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