Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Belgium Terror Attack Involves Religiously Significant Locale

Edit: there are a few things left out of the official news sources which would escape most of your secular journalists about the recent event in Belgium where a Moroccan man murdered four and wounded many more. As one correspondent, TA, says, the massacre occurred on  Place Saint-Lambert in Liège.

 Saint Lambert was an 8th century Bishop who was martyred in Liège because of his defense of marital fidelity. That type of medieval attitude, celebrated by naming a street after Lambert, is deeply offensive to immigrants like Amrani from societies which allow polygamy, so ultimately, yes, the Catholic Church must be held responsible.
If only Belgium were more post-Christian, perhaps men like Amari wouldn't be driven to such desperate deeds in search of a way to express their frustration from dealing with an intolerant and all-too-Christian Belgium.

One thing that is certain is that no matter how much tolerance is shown on behalf of these frustrated minorities, that they'll never be happy till they've achieved that objective of Dar-El-Islam.  It will be enjoyable to watch the press downplay the ethnicity and the fact that the perpetrator somehow managed to obtain several hand grenades.

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  1. Nothing in the US media at all it's like it never happened. Because of it's absence I knew it had to do with Muslims. They hate Christians and are spreading their hate in all of the Western world. The USA is already fulling up with Muslims in the name of diversity- hogwash! Check out Germany, they have had it. Look at France the Muslims have blocked main avenues saying their prayers. The French Government is begging "Frenchmen " to have babies, they are paying "Real French" to have babies. Letting muslims pray & force their Sheria Law on the West just goes on in the name of tolerance. Try & put up a cross in the Town Square.