Friday, November 25, 2011

Men Seeking Religious Life in Increasing Numbers

Edit: The NCR article says this is surprising. This isn't surprising at all. Wherever the Catholic Faith is preserved, defended and lived out is going to be attractive to people. This Carmelite house depicted below doesn't look like the kind of heavily endowed, big charity institution with massive inhuman structures by strange Hungarian architects. It looks like a group of men who aren't planning a vacation, they're on a vocation. In other words, men like a challenge, they don't want to sit around and sip camomile tea in Birkenstock sandles, having conversations with guys named "Bruce".

And they're not shy about enforcing a few rules:

“Now, about half the people who come to our Mass in the chapel on Sunday are Protestants. I don’t give them holy Communion, but they attend Mass, and I preach pure Catholic doctrine.”

H/t pewsitter...

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