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Does Vienna Allow Exorcisms or Not?

Edit: the Old Liberal Creep-Politik refers to the tendency of these people to utilize sophistries and ambiguities to conceal their true motives and intentions with respect to dealing with crises in the Church and present a false face.  It usually relates, as in this case, to their incapacity to give clear yes or no questions to simple issues like the following.

Exorcism: The Creep-Politik is at Work

Will the Archdiocese of Vienna perform exorcisms or not? In such clear questions you really don't get any clear answers.
Demons on a window at Magdalen Church in Oxford

(, Wien) On the end of September the extreme-left Viennese weekly 'Falter', reported that a Viennese Exorcist is working in a State-run hospital.

The Archdiocese was quick to deny this report.

On Monday Wolfgang Bergmann commented on the denial in the anti-Catholic daily 'Standard'.

Bergman holds a degree in theology and is a current 'Standard' general manager.

A spicy detail: he was an enemy of the Church as the press spokesman for the Archdiocese of Vienna from 1996 to 1999.

Christ Cast Out Demons

Bergman concludes from the denial that the Archdiocese of Vienna performs exorcisms outside of State-run hospitals.

At the same time he notes that the Archdiocesan web site does no mention exporcism at any point.

The Church-hater went still further afield by saying that the press release only speaks of "deliverance prayers":

"That's so they can avoid using the scandal-ridden term 'Exoricism'" -- he insisted.

Bergman took the Church's denial lightly.

It asserts casually that cases of actual possession are allegedly "considered to be very rare".

Bergman countered: "The trivial >>seldom<< should probably obscure that the Cardinal -- seldom or not -- sees a real danger where a person could become possessed by a demon." At this point, things become exiting for Berger. Why is the Archdiocese of no Help?

Bergmann believes -- even if ex officio -- that there is an expectation that people can be possessed by demons.

Still, he's concerned for the possessed in a sophistical way.

If even there were only a small danger present, according to Bergman, there would be a pressing need to offer an education campaign by the Church.

In this case all of the secrecy surrounding exorcism is a "Scandal" for him.

Bergman suspects that Cardinal Christoph Graf von Schönborn "means to be serious" about exorcism -- but he lacks the courage to have an education campaign.

Of course, at the end of the article -- without any connection -- a pinch of the abuse-hoax is sprinkled into the text.

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