Saturday, September 24, 2011

Vatican Speaker Downplays Father Luther's "Rehabilitation"

This comment from EKD President Nikolaus Schneider is "a bit exaggerated", said Lombardi this Saturday for journalists in Freiburg.

Vatican City ( Vatican speaker Federico Lombardi [SJ] has admonished the interpretation, which suggested a >>de facto<< rehabilitation of Martin Luther by Pope Benedict XVI. This suggestion is >>a bit exaggerated<<, said Lombardi on Saturday for journalists in Freiburg. The Advisory President of the Evangelical Church in Germany, Nikolaus Schneider, had [also on FaithWorld] described the words of the Pope at an ecumenical meeting in Erfurt subsequently as >>a de facto rehabilitation<<.

Lombardi said, Benedict XVI. has underlined the >>depth of faith<< of the reformers. For the Pope, the visit to the place where Luther lived and believed, had been very significant. The Head of the Catholic Church had desired this meeting with representatives of the Evangelical Church right in Erfurt, because >>the divine questions of Luther were a central point of the entire trip<<, said the speaker.

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He also said the Faith can not be negotiated, here...

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  1. For a Pope of the Holy Roman Catholic Church to state that Martin Luther had a "depth of faith" - however amiguous such a statement is -involves either ignorance of the man Luther or willful misrepresentation. Which conclusion is worse? Lies or stupidity?

    Can we attribute stupidity to this Pope? I would hope not. What about lying? Is it possible that a Pope could willfully misrepresent the facts about such a one as Luther? Is it even conceivable that he would do so?

    Here we enter into murky waters because no Catholic wants to believe that a Pope, a Vicar of Christ could prevaricate on so momentous an issue. Yet we have seen, sadly, that he has prevaricated before, particularly in his meetings and words with and about the Jews. And we have evidence that this Pope is terrified by the media - afraid of a media lynching. What are we to make of this? Is this man so "diplomatic" that he will hide the Faith under a bushel basket so as not to challenge Protestants, Muslims and Jews with the Faith of Christ?

    It is a cliche to say, "pray for him". Cliche or not we are compelled to do so, for his sake and the sake of the Church. But we must stop accepting platitudes and ambiguities from this man, as well. It is time to demand of His Holiness that he speak clearly on matters of the Faith. It is time to demand that he change his tactics: being "nice" to Christ's avowed enemies has not been working too well. A Pope can be circumspect, prudent and, in moderation, diplomatic; but he must also proclaim the truths of the Faith.

    Thus far his German trip has been a disaster with its synagogue meetings, its much-too-delicate words of congratulations to Lutherans, its usual bland and ugly Novus Ordo Masses, its confusions, etc.

    Holy Father, you are not getting any younger. Delay no longer in proclaiming the truth, and in getting tough with the pro-homosexual religious in our ranks who persecute good priests while allowing the sodomites free reign.

    Holy Father, do not tarry any longer.