Monday, September 26, 2011

Jawdrop: Pope Calls German Bishops "Good Shepherds"

Edit: why he expects them to act any different than they have during the past, or even during his visit is hard to say. No conclusions are being drawn, however. It is to be assumed that this story is true since it was reported by his trip organizer. There's no word as to whether the Pope was being sarcastic or not.

"Pope Benedict XVI expressly praised the German Bishops Conference. In a spontaneous, emotional speech after a common luncheon the Pope said that the German Bishops were >>good shepherds<<, said the General Coordinator of the trip, Father Hans Langendorfer, on Sunday for journalists in Freiburg. Game over. Papst lobt deutsche Bischöfe als „gute Hirten“ correspondingly the Pope said >>I go back home with the feeling that we belong together and that I can rely on you.<<" Link to original...

Trust equation...

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