Friday, September 23, 2011

Homosexuals Bullied Former Anglican Archbishop in Catholic Seminary

Edit: One of the accused priests, Monsignor Dempsey, still hasn't been suspended, despite being accused by a very respectable senior Anglican. It's a good thing Msgr. Dempsey wasn't preaching the Catholic faith fearlessly from his pulpit on Sunday or anything, then he'd be in serious trouble.

Tony Wright quotes Catholic politician Senator Xenophon, who asks why the priest couldn't have gone on "vacation" when Archbishop Hepworth brought it to the Church's attention privately.

This caused Catholic Senator Xenophon to name the priest in question, who is receiving quite a few brickbats.

Who's in charge, really?

It will be interesting to note just what Monsignor Dempsey's career has been like. His public statements up to this point would be very revealing.

[The Australian] He says he was raped repeatedly. Two of his accused abusers are dead; the third, a senior Catholic priest, runs a parish in South Australia.

He reported the abuse to the Archdiocese of Adelaide more than four years ago but the church has not stood the priest down.

Contacted by The Weekend Australian yesterday, the priest laughed and said: "I can't discuss matters that are confidential." Asked if he had read Archbishop Hepworth's allegations against him, he giggled and said: "Good try but I won't say anything."

Link here...

Here's a link with some self-serving commentary, some good commentary at

The priest he's accusing, Monsignor Dempsey , is actually denying the charges also here.

Also posted on the aptly named Pinnochio about the Monsignor.

Father Stephen's blog has posted a deffense, here. One of his commenters fumes as follows:

Sick and tired of religious haters on September 16, 2011 at 02:08 said:

1) Why didnt John Hepworth seek the police in the first instance and why didnt he want the Church to take it up to the police? [That's a stupid question, actually. People who ask these sorts of questions are hedging for some reason.]
2) Why hasnt John Hepworth substantiated his allegations, apparently the Church asked him several times to do this. Even now, he hasnt provided any proof of Monsignor Dempsey’s involvement. [Someone's sayso was enough to get rid of Father Corapi.]
3) Why doesnt the good Senator Xenophon admit Hepworth’s allegations not been formal either through the Police or within the Church? The complaint was only made formal February this year.
4) If the good senator and Hepsworth wanted things to proceed quicker then they would have gone to the Police, just as anyone would. [Most of those who are so treated by clerical homosexuals don't go to the police, actually.]
5) The good senator has said that he is concerned about the kids and parishioners. A total B/S. Dempsey has been priest for 40 or so years, has worked with children and vulnerable adult without a stain in his name. The only thing the good senator has done is disrupt the parishioners. [Perhaps he's put the finger on a clevery predator? We'll see.] The good senator clearly has it in for religion and religious people, [Clear in your mind, perhaps.] no matter how good or how well those people have served the community. [Archbishop Hepworth doesn't have it in for religious people, does he? It's not evident that Senator Xenophon has it in for anyone. If anything, he's probably frustrated by the lack of responsiveness on the part of certain parties when it comes to homosexual predation. In any event, community is a good shiboleth to indicate Liberal.]
6) Notice that the cowardly senator wont accuse Monsignor Dempsey without Parliamentary protection.
7) The good senator is abusing his power to undermine and bypass the police and judiciary. He clearly do not believe in the abilities of the police force or the Australian legal system. He also went against the wishes of Hepworth who apparently disnt want the priest named.[It doesn't sound like the Diocese was moving on this, and so needed some encouragement. So there's no evidence for this claim.]

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