Tuesday, August 30, 2011

PHILADELPHIA, PA: Judge Tosses out Anglo-Catholic Priest and Two Vestry in Parish Shake-Up

Edit: you may control the real-estate, but will you have very many people in the pews with all the abortion, birth-control and homosexuality going on in the ECUSA?

[Virtue Online] After more than a decade of ecclesiastical infighting and lawsuits, a Montgomery County Court Judge delivered the final blow to the Anglo-Catholic rector of the Church of the Good Shepherd in Rosemont, on Monday by saying Fr. David L. Moyer must leave the parish. He also ordered two men to step down from the Vestry.

It is the end of a long and bitter battle waged between the Diocese of Pennsylvania, its Bishop Charles E. Bennison, the Standing Committee and Fr. David L. Moyer (AKA Bishop Moyer of the Traditional Anglican Communion). The latter fought the bishop charging him with heresy and his failure to uphold a flying bishop arrangement for Anglo-Catholics made under his predecessor Bishop Alan Bartlett.

Moyer has instigated and been dogged by multiple lawsuits for nearly a decade.

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