Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Pastor Uprising: Cardinal Schönborn Cites Schüller & Co

Will there be consequences for the members of "Pastor Initiative" who published a call for disobedience a few days ago?  The Cardinal is preparing a letter to the priest.

Vienna (kath.net) Will there be consequences for the "Pastor Initiative" members who published a controversial call for disobedience a few days ago as kath.net reported [Or mundabor]?  Now, at least, the ringleaders of the group surrounding Helmut Schüller have been notified by Cardinal Christoph Schönborn according to "press" reports.  Schönborn will also prepare a letter addressed to all priests of the Archdiocese of Vienna.  This is according to the "press" of the insurgency itself and will be addressed at least indirectly.



  1. Isn't Schoenborn's laxness the real problem here?

  2. I'm sure he'll round up the usual suspects after being shocked, simply shocked that there's heresy in Vienna.