Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ossuary of the Granddaughter of Caiaphas Found in Israel

New evidence about the man who was connected to the Crucifixion of Jesus

Jerusalem (kath.net/idea) In Israel an approximately 2000 year old bone case (Ossuar) from the surrounding precinct of some of the last high priests in Old Israel has been discovered. It bears the inscription "Miriam Daughter of Jeshua, son of Caiaphas, Priest of Maasiah of the House Imri". According to the Israeli Authority of Antiquities the case is authentic.

Caiaphas held the office of High Priest, which at the time was the highest office a Jew held under Roman occupation, and consequently concerned the Gospel story that Jesus had been crucified by the Romans. That he belonged to the priestly caste of the Maasiah, had not been known until now, said Theology Professor Rainer Riesner (Dortmund) about the idea. With the destruction of the Temple in 70 the time of the priests came to an end.

According to Riesner it shows the mention of the son of Jeshua [Jesus] and the grandaughter Mirjam (Maria) that these names were commonly occurring in that time. For that reason other bone cases with inscriptions bearing the name of Jesus can be brought into connection with Jesus Christ or can even be offered evidence against the physical resurrection of Jesus Christ.

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