Monday, July 11, 2011

Bishop Walter Mixa Concelbrates Requiem for Otto Habsburg

Edit An Emperor's dying wish? There was a lot of carping in the comments column about calling Otto Habsburg, "Emperor". If we say it, we don't mean it sarcastically. In any event Bishop Conrad Zdarsa is apparently the main celebrant, although we were hoping it would be done in Vienna. No mention of why. One commenter even complains that there were no photos of people kneeling for communion, but at least they had a shot of some of the family members in mantillas.

Did the late Emperor do this? Two archenemies meet at the Altar of the Lord.

( Last Saturday at the Church of St. Pius in Pöcking, a Requiem was celebrated for His Imperial Majsty, Otto von Habsburg.

Pöckingis a  community of 5600 in upper Bavaria in the County of Stamberg in the vicinity of Munich.

The place belongs to the Diocese of Augsburg.

Otto von Habsburg died on the early morning of the 4th of July in Pöcking, where he'd lived since 1954.

The Emperor's Requiem was concelebrated by none other than the disgraced and dishonored Bishop Mixa, cast out of his Diocese of Augsburg.

Msgr Mixa concelebrated Mass at the expressed wish of the Emperor.

After the Requiem, Bishop Mixa was positively euphoric.

He ran to children and people in wheelchairs in order to lay hands upon them in blessing.

His face beamed at this.

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  1. I found a few videos from the funeral (in German); there may be more:

    Predigt Kardinal Marx Requiem Otto von Habsburg

    Requiem Otto von Habsburg Lied bei der Verteilung der Hl. Eucharistie

  2. I never understand half of what is written here.

  3. I agree with "Anonymous" - why is this blog so often difficult to understand - could more effort be made to edit??

  4. Unless you have a specific criticism to make, your criticism isn't worth much to anyone. This is pretty simple German, not sure how you could fail to understand it.