Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Cardinal Kasper Denies Suggestions of Schism Brewing in Germany

Editor: Cardinal Kasper also made controversial and encouraging statements earlier last week when he said that more people Communicated with the right intention before the Council than after translated here on Catholic Church Conservation.

The former Curial Cardinal considers the contention of Italian Vaticanista Tornielli about a threatened schism as a "hypothetical construction"

Bonn ( Cardinal Walter Kasper has rejected speculations about a threatened Church schism in Germany. Corresponding notions which appeared in "Focus" are also supposed to be in an alleged Vatican circulating dossier, which the long standing President of the Pontifical Council for the Promotion of Christian Unity, according to a report in the "Zeit" enclosure "Christ and World" this Tuesday, had described as "conspiracy theory" and "hypothetical constructions built up, combined with bits of information and other inadequacies."

The Cardinal explained the motives of the conspiracy theorists: "it seems that they want to breed mistrust and provoke a schism." The Munich news magazine had reported on Pentecost that there is an unofficial dossier circulating in the Vatican, which suggests that there is a schism in the Catholic Church in Germany. Behind this romantic current are hidden church societies, individuals from the German Bishops Conference, Catholic politicians and parts of the Jesuit Order.

The substantiation for this report is according to research from "Christ and World" a blog report by the mostly well-informed Vatican journalist of the paper "La Stampa", Andrea Tornielli. He reported on June 8th that some in the Vatican believe that in the foreground of the Papal Visit there will be a concentrated action of reformist forces in German Catholicism.

Kasper speaks thereon, that there is in his opinion no centrally controlled action of German Catholics for schism. The actions which the alleged dossier describe, whereabouts the open letter of Catholic politicians from January and the memorandum of Theologians in February were, according to the Cardinal, individual actions and not centrally coordinated. The Cardinal doesn't know of a collaboration which according to "Christ and World" has any direction from Vatican circles: "Who should that have been? I know no one here who would do such a thing."

Kasper understands with a view to the Catholic Church in Germany on the great interest for the Papal Visit in September. "There is a great, till now mostly silent majority, to whom one or the other critical questions are appealing, who otherwise are fed up with the other side and simply want to be Catholic," he said.



  1. This is out-and-out hilarity. The majority of Bishops and priests (and nuns) have been in de facto schism well nigh on thirty five years now with very little corrective surgery emanating from Rome (to no one's surprise). That a character like Kasper, arch de facto schismatic extraordinaire, should be saying such tosh indicates a mind at the end of its tether.

    Notice his weasel-wording: he says there is no "organized" schism going on. Precisely. There doesn't have to be since everyone goes with the schismatic flow of ignoring papal pronouncements when they border on the 2,000 yeat traditional teaching of the one, true Church. And Kasper is up to his watery eyeballs in the business.

    Why this man isn't publicly flogged and thrown into the Tiber or the Rhine is beyond me.

  2. I'm really starting to like this Cardinal. I think he's trying to tap into the reservoir of Traditional or Orthodox Catholics in German speaking lands, of which there isn't too short a supply. It's like one Libby Jesuit said recently, "the Germans will go to the barricades for the Latin Mass and are grateful for Summorum Pontificum"

  3. But I think it's indisputable that there's a de_facto schism in Germany, you're correct.