Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Bulgarian Municipality Moves to Restore Soviet Memorial Defaced by "Vandals"

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  Picture: AFP
Svetlana Sharenkova: Monument to the Soviet Army should be included in the security system of Sofia Municipality
20 June 2011 | 22:04 | FOCUS News Agency
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Sofia. The Soviet Army Monument should be included in the security system of Sofia Municipality. That is what Svetlana Sharenkova, chairman of the forum Bulgaria - Russia, which takes the initiative to clean up the memorial Tuesday, FOCUS News Agency reported.
The Forum is one of the 20th unions signed the declaration against the desecration of the monument. "We have today adopted a declaration in connection with the desecration of the monument to the Soviet Army. Tomorrow, we expect more creative and community organizations to join the declaration and other foundations and unions," Sharenkova said.
Asked how it influences on the image of our country, Sharenkova said: "It definitely has negative effect, because here it comes first for historical truth and memory, and an insult to a great army, which is recognized by Europe and worldwide as a liberator. It is not very good 22 years after the changes to go back to starting position. In 1993 Sofia Municipal Council had such debates, but the there was willing to move and to destroy the monument, but there was voting as well and then the City Council decided not to move the monument and now 20 years later it is happening again”.

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