Friday, June 17, 2011

Archbishop Promotes Socialist Wealth-Confiscation Schemes

The Canonization of Marx and Coercive Virtue

Editor: It's a Bella Dodd alert.  Some commentators think it's cute when Archbishops use their moral authority to promote Socialist wealth confiscation schemes and the mistaken idea that people being coerced to support government programs allegedly for poor relief, constitute charity.  Perhaps Archbishop Nienstedt should consult St. Thomas on this issue rather than Karl Marx?  Aquinas says:

It is not always through the perfect goodness of virtue that one obeys the law, but sometimes it is through fear of punishment, and sometimes from the mere dictate of reason, which is a kind of beginning of virtue.(8)
Check out the Dick and Jane help out with the Community Organizing over on the Mark Shay blog by positing imaginary distinctions between different social justices as if painting the name "Catholic" on something changes its substance.  Yet once again, the neo-Conservative Archbishop puts himself behind wealth redistribution and the expansion of the welfare state.

In any event, the Archbishop is lending a red hand  on behalf of those nefarious political interests continuing to degrade the moral tenor of the nation. 

Articulate and just criticisms are forthcoming from Senator David Hahn as they appear here at NPR.

Mark Sashay...

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