Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Word About Kreuz.net and How Swiss Bishops Imply the Archbishop of Cologne is a Homosexual

Editor: The inveterate and ever steady Tom at AQ has posted the story we translated about how David Berger, a liar and a poseur who's accused the Holy Father of having homosexual tendencies, has been given free run to heap his filth on the Church through the mouthpiece of the Swiss Bishops. How the man conducting the interview who has such a clear allegiance to the Homosexual agenda, enough to give softball questions to Berger and support his agenda, could be a part of what goes on at a Catholic News Service run by the Swiss Bishops is anybody's guess, but will the Bishops make amends for this? The News Service is their bailliwick and what happens there is THEIR responsibility, especially when a known liar and slanderer uses that service to spread his lies and promote his books.

Let's file the following under, "homosexual bullying" for the time being. It's interesting the way the following poster wants to deflect LEGITIMATE criticism away from the Swiss Bishops by accusing kreuz.net of dishonesty and being "obsessed" with homosexuality. It's the self-same tactic employed by Berger and his co-religionists:

Swiss bishops do NOT [Their tacit approval is very much in evidence here] insinuate anything like this, but the website KREUZ.NET which is pornographic in most of it's contents is insinuating that Swiss bishops insinuate.......
I would never allow my children (who are teens) to surf on kreuz.net, not for not wanting them to know about catholic tradition, but because the editorial staff of kreuz.net is obsessed with homosexuality and the users of that forum are commenting in the most vulgar and obscene language possible describing all sorts of homosexual perversions. Kreuz.net is not to recommend and I really wonder who is behind this platform. You can find there also serious and good information, but the way it is presented to the public is very strange. A normal, good hearted and pious traditional catholic needs much holiness to not to have go to confession after having used kreuz.net. I have never understood the mechanisms behind it, even if I use it quite often, as I have to confess.

Yes, try not to confuse kreuz.net with what's going on under your own nose in your own Church.

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