Thursday, May 12, 2011

'Universae Ecclesiae" is Out: Seminarians Must Learn the Traditional Mass

It is to be assumed that the Old Liberal German Bishops also can't wait for the expected clarification from Rome.
The Mass of All Ages

(, Vatikan) The Instruction 'Universae Ecclesiae' to the Motu Proprio 'Summorum Pontificum' isn't slap in the faces of the Old Believers, nor is it perfect.

This was reported by Father John Zuhlsdorf from a well-known Weblog ''.

The priest received the three page long document, which will be addressed by journalists at ten o'clock tomorrow.

He will honor the moratorium till noon.

The Rights of Traditionalists Before the Bishops

Vatican Andrea Tornielli went cleverly to work.

He published today on his website the first contents of the document.

According to that 'Universae Ecclesiae' underscores the rights of the Traditionalists against the Old Liberal Bishops.

The shepherds must not obstruct the freedom of the Traditionalists by limiting rules or qualifications.

For example there are no specifications about the number of faithful necessary for a group of Traditionalists to have a Mass.

In any case, the priest must have a solid understanding of Latin for the celebration of the Old Mass.

That about closes out the ninety percent of the priests who've been educated in the system of seminaries run into the abyss by the Bishops for the last thirty years.

Even the Easter Triduum

In the new generation of priests it will be different. Because the Clarification desires that the celebration of the Old Mass will be a part of priestly education again.

It is to be expected that the German speaking Bishops will not be kept out of Rome by any further schismatic acts.

The Clarification also provides for the celebration of the Easter Triduum, in so far as there is a Traditionalist group.

As recently as last Good Friday neo-Conservative Bishop Fraz-Peter Tebartz-van Elst of Limburg refused to allow the Traditionalists in his Diocese to celebrate the Old Liturgy.

Finally the Papal Commission 'Ecclesia Dei' explains Tornielli will in the future be a clearing house for receiving alleged or real conflicts.

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  1. IMO UE doesn't really state anything new; it all really depends on how PCED will implement it. Already the 'conservative' Archbishop Nichols of Westminster has said that English seminarians should not be trained in the Old Rite. The German hierarchy have given a similar reaction: