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Swiss Bishops Insintuate that the Cardinal of Cologne is a Homosexual

Editor: This is from this last Friday. Of course, some will remember the continuing saga of David Berger and his insinuations about the Holy Father and Traditional Catholics. Now he's lashing out with malice and apparently, the Swiss Bishops' mouthpiece is giving him a court of approval to air his hate for the Church. The article follows:

He covers the Church with homosexual filth and waltzes with himself in self-love.  The Old Liberal official Church and the decadent Bishops named by John Paul II  are serving him with a homosexual court of approval.

(, Zürich) Incredibly, the Swiss Bishops are offering the German homosexual and enemy of the Church, David Berger, a forum for his tirades and lies.

The scene of the crime was a video interview with the official Church website, ''.

The homepage describes itself -- without any contradiction of the Swiss Bishops -- as "the internet site of the Roman Catholic Church in German Switzerland.".

The Website is operated by an opaque "Catholic Media Service" in Zürich.

For that reason, it will never give a critical Journalistic treatment of the theme of homosexuality.

And still with the old lies

Berger, full of self-adulation, portrays himself as the victim of the scene.

Without cross-examination, he retold his lie that he wasn't the one who had brought his immoral life to public attention.

In reality Berger's immoral homosexual lifestyle alteration was discovered for the first time by in May of Mai 2007.

His neo-Conservative friends stood by him for another long three years, till his Gommorrism was finally too much even for the periodical 'Theologisches'.

Berger was an author with them at that point.

The publisher of the publication was forced in the face of ever newer revelations to withdraw his position.

Berger presents this indeed as a "voluntary separation" .

He had supposedly had broken the "taboo" of a "conspiracy of silence" in the Church, said the notorious liar, in which he portrayed himself in his shameless homosexual life as the hero.

Naturally, he employs the tired old homo-schtick, to portray every critic of homosexuality as one who is homosexually disturbed.

The Video by '' -- which is the last word for the Swiss Bishops -- superimposed a photo of Joachim Cardinal Meisner of Cologne.

In this infamous way, the Cardinal is insinuated into a degenerate morality.

Stupid Homosexual Propaganda

Berger has to admit that he didn't lose his license to teach because of his wormlike existence.

A letter by Cardinal Meisner only generally indicated that he had "over-strenuously criticized" the Church and had led his life in an irreconcilable way.

The tedious website '' tried to downplay Berger's decadent life with the formulation that he "lives with his partner".

Prayerfully and with folded hands

Bergers hatred for the Church became increasingly uncontrolled during the softball Interview.

To the question if he planned on taking recourse against the decision of the Cardinal within the Church he was quick to say:

"I'm not going to pursue it" -- and:

"I have too much honor to have anything to do with the faux legality of Church law."

The court of approval put the question to the homosexually disturbed if he will ever work again as a religious instructor.

Berger: "Perhaps we will receive at some time after the current Pope, one who publicly says: "I'm a homosexual mysef and that's good so -- even if I don't act on it."

Then Berger proceeded to hack down: "If celibacy is abolished, he can move into the Vatican with his husband."

And: "In case that happens, which naturally no one really believes in the Church, then I think I have a good expectation that I can teach again".

As he continued, Berger droned on with the famous palette of the homosexual's nursery rhyme.

The anonymous homosexual interviewer from '' nodded thoughtfully and folded his hands.

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