Thursday, May 5, 2011

New CCHD Youth Campaign to Fight Poverty

It's an art contest where boundless self-expression will lead you to understand and help others understand the poverty of modern artistic expression.
Abstract "Art" is a poor way to express concepts or ideas

Maybe the Bishops and the Reds at CCHD are onto something?  You can find out more about the presentation at the USCCB site, here.

Possible "Poverty" Art Subject?

It doesn't matter in this contest what sort of Art you decide to do.  It doesn't even have to be art, but you should learn about where you can learn about the causes of poverty: Here.

Does holiness cause poverty?

Holiness Causes Poverty: It's a cycleFoto: REUTERS

Here's a pertinent excerpt from the New Advent Catholic Encyclpedia:

Jesus Christ did not condemn the possession of worldly goods, or even of great wealth; for He himself had rich friends. Patristic tradition condemns the opponents of private property; the texts on which such persons rely, when taken in connexion with their context and the historical circumstances, are capable of a natural explanation which does not at all support their contention (cf. Vermeersch, "Quæst. de justitia", n. 210). Nevertheless it is true that Christ constantly pointed out the danger of riches, which, He says, are the thorns that choke up the good seed of the word (Matthew 13:22). Because of His poverty as well as of His constant journeying, necessitated by persecution, He could say: "The foxes have holes, and the birds of the air nests: but the son of man hath not where to lay his head" (Matthew 8:20), and to the young man who came to ask Him what he should do that he might have life everlasting, He gave the counsel, "If thou wilt be perfect, go sell what thou hast, and give to the poor" (Matthew 19:16-21). The renunciation of worldly possessions has long been a part of the practice of Christian asceticism; the Christian community of Jerusalem in their first fervour sold their goods "and divided them to all, according as every one had need" (Acts 2:45), and those who embraced the state of perfection understood from the first that they must choose poverty. [Link}

Picture taken from Imagination.

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