Thursday, May 5, 2011

Marquette Administration Shuts Down Novus Ordo "Latin" Mass

Editor:  The Jesuits hate the Mass of All Ages and the fruits it produces so much that they'll even shut down a Mass that just looks like it.

Recommendation:  since you don't need the approval of an Ordinary, just go ahead and use the 1962 Missal.

Here's the report from Marquette Warrior:

We have heard for several days that the French Honor Society would be sponsoring a mass tomorrow night. It would be the “Latin Mass” we were told, but with parts in French.

It was to be led by Rev. Canon Olivier Meney, who is the “go to” guy for the Latin Mass in southeastern Wisconsin.

Indeed, just a few minutes ago we got the flyer for the event.

But now it has been cancelled. We confirmed that with Rev. Meney’s secretary, and with Emily Schumacher-Novak in Campus Ministry.

H/t to Badger Catholic.


  1. This has been an ongoing problem at Marquette for over a year. After one Tridentine Mass was held (search youtube to see some beautiful clips of it) things went into panic mode among the professional Catholic set.

    Now I guess even Novos Ordo Masses with the Sanctus and Gloria in Latin and with other parts such as the readings and homily in vernacular (in this case French because it was the French society sponsoring it) are also banned.

  2. That's Marquette for you, and you really can't expect too much more out of this corrupt group of idiots, poofs and psuedo-Catholics who run the joint. Of course the hierarchy lets them go on and on and on and on.....

    BTW: I'm not sure I would categorize Father Meney as the "go to guy" for Latin masses here in Milwaukee. He is simply one of several who are saying Latin masses in the area. Interestingly, Meney's order, the ICKSP, is the most compromising of all the traditionalist orders out there so I am somewhat suprised Marquette objected to him. The ICKSP priests are not ones to "rock the boat" in any way and can, sadly, sometimes be boot-lickers. But, of course, anyone who even gives the appearance of tradition to Marquette is akin to someone holding a crucifix up to Dracula.

  3. You really can't make concessions to these people and expect them to play by the rules. They have no rules. They're not going to be nice because you waffled on the doctrinal points they don't want mentioned.

    I don't think ICK has learned that lesson yet.

  4. I think the above harsh words and implications about ICKSP in the 2 previous comments are uncalled for. Shameful.

  5. With all due respect anon, ICK caves all the time. The SSPX they are most decidedly not.