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Father Schmidberger on the 20th Anniversary of Msgr Lefebvre's Death

The Society of Pius X must warn against aberrances, mistakes and betrayals, which are publicly in the Church.

( The Society of Pius X is not the work of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre († 1991), rather "a work of the Church, in the Church for the Church".

Father Franz Schmidberger explained this on the Feast of the Annunciation [25 March] on the 20th anniversary of the death of Msgr Lefebvre in a sermon at Ecône.

Archibishop Lefebvre was an instrument of divine providence.

Fr. Schmidberger sees the Society as a work of the Church and as a reflection of the four marks of the Church -- "one", "holy", "catholic" and "apostolic".

The Society lives in unity with the Church of all Centuries.

Father Schmidberger cited an expression Msgr Lefebvre told the Seminarians at Ecône:

"Go into the library, and look at what is there, what we teach you here. It is nothing else than the voices of the Popes, than the declarations of the Councils, than the published writings of the theologians. Nothing else.

And if you were brought here for some other reason, then leave this house. Because you are not at the right place."

Msgr Lefebvre underlined that the Society is unted with the rest of the Church in the celebration of the Holy Mass of All Ages.

In his sermon, Fr. Schmidberger explained that Prelate Klaus Gamber († 1987), the director of the Liturgical Institute in Regesburg, once showed hhim a copy of a Mass book of St. Bonifacius († 754).

It was about the canon of the Mass-- said Father Schmidberger: "It was exactly the same Canon that we will celebrate right here in the Holy Mass."

The Pus Must Come Out

Father Schmidberger exclaimed that Archbishop Lefebvre wanted , "to build a Christianity in miniature".

The Society must remain true to the work of Msgr Lefebvre:

"We must always call attention to the aberrances and errors, on the betrayals and the compromises, which are revealed here and there."

This occurs not from a "spirit of criticism, rather this spirit happens from a love of the Church."

Because the puss must flow from the wound in order for it to heal.

The Society of Pius X is a Preserve for the Restoration

Msgr Lefebvre had, as Father Schmidberger reports it, "built a small army of workers."

In the Society there is a "power, which can't be found anywhere else but in an ecclesiastical organism."

"But the Pope and the Bishops must call us."

The Father is coninced, "that God has given to us in the Society -- for the present time-- a completely extraordinary Grace."

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